OMG 🙆‍ Benue bloggers Condemned A Facebook post Challenging Them, Check It out

Just in Benue Bloggers Like Winner Amonye, Age Timothy, JT worrior, Mo terpase and many others yesterday condemned Tsake Nguzan over her recent Facebook post for Challenging Benue bloggers.

One of the Benue blogger Timoryage said is because she has not been visiting their websites Like www.winnaijatv.comwww.winnaijatv.com

In her post She wrote that;
“Dear Benue bloggers I challenge you to do more, Check it out students drown in river Benue u didn’t blog it, The unrest in K-ala Nko. U no blog am. Vice president visit Benue traders u no blog…
Come no..

U don’t have to wait for Linda Ikeja blog about building collapse In Lagos before you run to do Ctrl C, Ctrl p,
Comfan Amebo no dey rest at all…..”
A super blogger Timoryage was mentioned in the post by Stephen Orbula student of Benue state university.

Fortunately he was notified by Facebook And he quickly dropped a comment and challenged her back that she has not been visiting website Like www.winnaijatv.com, if at all she did, she shouldn’t have made such a statement to Benue Bloggers at large.

Moreover Timoryage went ahead and paste different links of the News which she was demanding. Before that Timoryage mentioned some Benue bloggers in the post, winner Amonye(winnaijatv.com) Jay peculiar(9jaflavour.com), JT worrior (360Nobs.com), Terpase (Naijaproud.com) ,Hype247.com, Benuevoice.com and many other bloggers in Benue state.

From their comments 💬;
Winner Amonye from winnaijatv.com who asked Tsake Nguzan to check out the Last comment from Timoryage.

JT worrior from 360Nobs.com who Automatically condemned Nguzan over her post by commenting that;
“She see Food chop allow her make she dey, who suffer spuz get sense, if u asked her to name 5 URL of Benue blogs, will she be able to do that?
Mo Terpase from Naijapround.com who said that; the Facebook poster just want Benue Bloggers to notice her, She is just making Facebook Noise, Nevertheless Winnaija & Timoryage concluded that she has to stop using Benue bloggers to make Fun Or else she will be charge to pay a Bill.
An Open Advice to Facebook users 👥 by Timoryage.


* Watch your back as you post,
* Know what you can post,
* Think very well about the topic before you post.
* Get evidence to proof on a topic before you post.
* Note that Facebook is worldwide .
* Don’t implicate yourself for Fun.

Check out the screenshots of their comments below:-

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