$NOT & iann dior Go Racing In “Like Me” Visual

$NOT and iann dior are here with a music video for their collaborative track “Like Me.”

$NOT and iann dior are two young artists who bring a ton of energy to their music and recently, they teamed up for a track called “Like Me.” The song was featured on $NOT’s most recent album Beautiful Havoc, which has been a huge hit amongst fans. As a way to hype the track up, the two have come through with a brand new music video and it’s certainly full of the high-octane energy that is found in the song itself.

In the music video, you can see both artists engaging in a race in the desert, all while surrounded by some beautiful models. The visuals match the lyrics of the track as they rap about their cars and their wealth, all while noting that their haters to get like them. It’s rare that music videos ever have a theme these days, so it is extremely refreshing to see both artists engaging in some racing throughout the video. If you’re into cars and this type of energy, this is definitely a music video worth checking out.


Source: HNH

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