Nnamdi Kanu speaks on food blockade from the North to South, read what he said in a recent post

Nnamdi Kanu speaks on food blockade from the North to South, read what he said in a recent post

It’s no longer news that the Northerners have threatened to block food supplies from the North to the South, this threat came in as a result of the recurring clashes between the North and the South. The South had requested the Northerners who grazed their cows on the southern green pastures to leave the South lands.

However, the Northern reacted to this by blocking food supplies from their Agricultural products to the South, although the Southerners have also threatened to block oil supplies from the South to the North, will this be the way forward?

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who’ve been a strong political critique and a freedom fighter, have taken to Twitter again to blast the Northerners for making such decisions, he believes that they can only do this and go scot free because the President is a Northerner and will always overlook their excesses.

Nnamdi Kanu wrote: “Nigerians know that the Fulani DOES NOT FARM. Yet, it’s the FULANI that is blocking movement of farm products from North to South. Such blockade should be considered an act of WAR, yet the Fulani @NGRPresident tolerates it. If the South blocks oil & gas, they will levy MASSACRE.”

However in reaction to this tweet, a user quickly pointed out that the Northern farm products are from individual farms, the oils belongs to Nigeria, hence the difference, the user wrote: “Points of correction the gas belongs to the people of Nigeria, While the foods belongs to the farmers government have no rights to force people to sell it to you people.” See more reactions below:

What are your thoughts on this ?

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