Nicki Minaj Sends A Warning Shot At An Unnamed Adversary

Nicki Minaj goes topless while teasing her return to music

Nicki Minaj Sends A Warning Shot At An Unnamed Adversary

Nicki Minaj warns an unnamed individual that “it’s all fun & games” until she escalates the situation.
Nicki Minaj is back. Within a matter of 24 hours, the iconic femcee has hosted an Instagram live session with nearly one million viewers, brought her game-changing mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty to DSPs, and teased that the next chapter in her career will be one for the books.

Unfortunately, it appears that there may be trouble in paradise for the Queen artist, despite the celebratory occasion. Early Friday afternoon, Nicki hit Twitter to let off a seemingly serious threat at an unnamed individual.

Rather than really getting deep into what has recently perturbed her, the “Seeing Green” rapper opted to warn her opposition and let them know that she can be petty too. In a simple yet menacing tweet, Mrs. Petty set the record straight, writing, “Trust, it’s all fun & games until I wanna play too.”

While Nicki’s tweet does not directly name her adversary, anyone keeping up with Nicki Minaj news today would probably point the finger in Azealia Banks’ direction. Following Nicki’s highly anticipated Instagram live stream on Thursday, Azealia Banks took to her Instagram story to body shame the Young Money rapper, insinuate substance abuse, and suggest that child protective services take Nicki’s son away from her.

Thus, if Nicki did in fact catch wind of the “Anna Wintour” artist’s Instagram story rant, it would make sense if Banks was the target of Nicki’s Twitter sub.

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