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NBA Youngboy Viciously Roasted On Twitter After Yaya Mayweather Gives Birth

Youngboy Never Broke Again officially has 7 kids after Yaya Mayweather gave birth to their baby boy.

Youngboy Never Broke Again is officially a father to seven kids at the young age of 21. Despite him being financially capable of taking care of so many children, some people believe that he’s been irresponsible by having so many, attacking him online for now being accountable for taking care of seven different households.Β 

Following the birth of Yaya Mayweather’s newborn son, many people took to social media to congratulate the former couple on their baby boy. However, a bunch of critics flooded the comments with rude messages about how careless it was to bring another baby into the world, given that Youngboy already has six others to his name.

“You cannot be a good father to 7 different households,” wrote one person. “I want the Black community to be released from this narrative.” The tweet was favorited 24,000 times.Β 

“21 wit 7 kids is f*ckin outrageous,” said another. “lmao whether he a good dad or not, that sh*t is crazy as hell.” That post was favorited over a hundred thousand times.

Clearly, people have taken issue with NBA Youngboy’s ability to reproduce at an extremely high rate. At this point, it feels like he just wants as many kids as possible. As some have pointed out, YB does take care of his children. Should he consider wrapping it up though?


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