Nas Celebrates His First Grammy Win For “King’s Disease”


Nas Celebrates His First Grammy Win For “King’s Disease”

From the look of it, Nas recently held a celebratory gathering of friends and family, where a few quick shots provide a glimpse at what transpired. Nas’ daughter Destiny shared a few clips of the festivities, revealing that Nas was the recipient of a glowing toast, one that praised his perseverance and work ethic. Another clip finds Nas cutting a massive cake adorned with the luxurious artwork of his Grammy-winning album.

It’s certainly wholesome to see Nas enjoying his victory, about as well-deserved as it comes. Considering the fact that his debut album Illmatic is hailed as one of the greatest albums in music, period — not to mention the fact he’s got a few other classics and near-classics tucked away — the fact that Nas never took home a trophy left many questioning The Grammys’ efficacy as a barometer of the hip-hop climate. Despite the frequent snubs, it’s clear that hip-hop never stopped appreciating the brilliant penmanship of Nasir Jones. One has to wonder — what holds more value to a rap legend? Near universal acclaim from rap fans worldwide — or a Grammy award?

Either way, we’d like to extend our congratulations to Nas for taking home his first Grammy award for King’s Disease.

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