Naomi Osaka Shares Heartwarming Post About Cordae Flying To See Her U.S. Open Win

Naomi Osaka’s Rapper Boyfriend Didn’t Know She Was A Championship Tennis Player

Naomi Osaka Shares Heartwarming Post About Cordae Flying To See Her U.S. Open Win

She recalled the rapper hopping a plane and quarantining to see her U.S. Open finals performance after she told him she was feeling lonely.
Not many rappers spark romances with tennis stars—although, Drake may know something about that—but the relationship between Cordae and Naomi Osaka presses on. The pair of unproblematic celebrities have supported each other through major milestones including music releases and championship wins, and Naomi took a moment to highlight her boyfriend’s attentive ways. On Instagram, the sports icon shared a heartwarming post about the lengths Cordae went through to make sure he was in the stands and cheering for her during the U.S. Open.

Osaka took home the top-tier trophy at the U.S. Open and Cordae was there jumping for joy as her biggest supporter. “Appreciation post for the mister because I feel like it today,” she wrote in a caption to a photo of the couple. “This pic was right after winning the US Open finals. He stopped everything he was doing because I FaceTimed him a couple days earlier and said I was feeling sad and lonely in the bubble.”

“I later found out that he hopped on a plane shortly after that call and then quarantined himself for a couple days in a hotel to see me and support,” she continued. “The funniest part is even after doing all this I’m still convinced he doesn’t understand the rules of tennis lol.” Along with the photo, Noami included the footage of Cordae cheering from the stands.

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