Growing up in Lagos was most exciting for me and far back in Lagos I was made to believe that Kogi state wasn’t such a wonderful place to live in. Here I am in kogi, my dear state and everything I heard in Lagos was only a lie, better yet, not all the truth. Kogi state almost doesn’t have all it takes to be a state yet. (Pun)

Immediately after the covid19 lockdown, every undergraduate who had a sense of responsibility knew it was time for capacity building and work.
I was then left with the choice of returning to Lagos or staying back in My dear homeland.

I wouldn’t return to Lagos because this for me is the golden opportunity to fulfill my fantasies of experiencing my state, visit the ancient landmarks, the mount pattis, the Lugard House, the beachsides, the confluence and the mountains.

But everyday tourism cannot sustain a young lady with daily needs. I have to work, but I want to hereby announce to you that an applicant has no prospect in this state. And a state that cannot promise a rewarding job for an eligible applicant is only a potential state.

Let’s assume there are jobs. Are they Jobs befitting for a person who had seen the business aggression in Lagos?

Predominantly, hotels have proliferated every corner of the minds of the ones who have influence and finance. How safe is a hotel for a lady with daily needs? I have once worked in one hotel and I know that working in a hotel puts a lady under the pressure to keep her morality on daily check. The unsolicited advances from Men and continuous harassment from money spenders.

Somehow, there are more hotels than there are people to patronize them like we are in a competition with Owerri in building hotels yet we have more resources than they may ever have?

And there’s not a single private establishment that I know of that has the capacity to employ up 20 graduates in this state as opposed to what I’ve seen in the east and west.

A government that sees no need to create jobs for her residents is only creating a syphon for the wealth its amassing.

But, again, I thought more intently.
Have I not joined wailers whom I have so disdained if I only see what could have been and not what I could do?

If I had continually made efforts to build a business or earn with my own efforts as opposed to looking for a job, I would have hardly noticed that anything was wrong with the government in the first.

If I had consolidated all efforts towards contributing my own quota to bettering the state in whatever way possible, maybe I would have known that Comparing her to Lagos and the East isn’t an equitable attempt.

More than Kogi state had been a bad state, I have been a worse citizen. And somehow, you have been like me. You have complained about everything wrong but have done nothing right including finding your way out in search of greener pastures.

We can grow green pastures here because we have the Water, the Soil and the Seed.

We just need you to believe in the land and sow the seed.

Let’s do more and complain less.
My name is Queen Ufedo John.

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