‘My greatest pain is that Christian leaders are growing old and the younger ones are not growing up’

‘My greatest pain is that Christian leaders are growing old and the younger ones are not growing up’


-Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

IMFFC 2021, Day 2 Evening Session

*Papa Kumuyi celebrated his 80th birthday this year and he is aggressively still on the field.

*Papa Adeboye will be 80 next year March.

*They have tried, they are growing and they are impacting their world.

*We are in a season where God is going to separate the grain from the chaff and the separation is already happening.

* I heard there are countries that are not Islamic Nations nor heathen countries where you can’t register a Church.

WHY DO WE NEED THE RAIN? (continuation)

4. For the opening of the Heaven on the land. The rain of revival happens when the windows of Heaven open.

Deuteronomy 28:12, Genesis 7:11-12

The season of rain is the season of open heaven. The meaning of that is that the influence of a heaven becomes massive on the earth. The season of rain of revival is the season of Visitation of heaven on the earth. It is the season where heaven and earth becomes configured, season where heaven looks down upon the earth.

Matthew 6:10

Dr Liardon saw the vision at the age of 8 when God took him to Heaven and he saw in Heaven, Heaven’s storehouses that had spare parts, human body parts, the kidneys, lungs and so forth.

When the will of God is done on earth as it is in Heaven then the parts that are in Heaven, the things that are natural in Heaven becomes natural upon the earth.

What you call Word of Knowledge, Wisdom and the Prophetic is the natural realm of heaven.

-Wherever you have come from, in the name of Jesus, something is about to happen, we are about to see the manifestation of Heaven on the earth like we have never seen before… We are about to see Heaven’s visitation upon our Nation upon our Communities, upon the Churches like never before

5. For the changing of the climates of our lives and assignments

When the rain falls, the climate changes, the atmosphere changes naturally. When the rain falls, it is from heat to cold. When the rain falls, it is a refreshing. When the rain falls, the sweat ends.

-The atmosphere around you needs to change. Things are too hard, I am telling you, I am speaking to somebody here, the heat is too much. The heat over that Nation is too much.

I heard that there are Nations today, you can’t even register a Church now. It is not an Islamic Nation, it is not a heathen Nation, you can’t register a Church. If you want Church, you have to buy a name that was already registered. For example, a Church that is not growing or has closed down, you have to look for that Church and buy their name, then change the name later. That is only happening because God has not invaded there yet. That kind of Nation needs a very drastic invasion, an invasion that will hit the President, that will hit the Law makers, that will hit the Supreme Court, that will move everybody and everything out of the way.

Is anybody waiting for such kind of invasion?

It will happen, it shall happen in our lifetime and it is happening shortly and there are people right now that will witness such.

The Crusades you witnessed just now, 90 something per cent of the Crusade had the State Executives in attendance: the Governor of the State, the Speaker of their Congress, the Legislators, all in attendance. So they submit themselves like that, the land is under control. Including Muslim States: the Deputy Governor is a Christian, Governor is a Muslim, then Governor sends his Deputy Governor, sends everybody else to be there. Just let the man know that we are together, his religion couldn’t allow him to be there. Deputy Governor was there throughout.

Prayer: Father arise and move in your power in our generation, in our Nation, in our territories.

Arise, move Lord.

The climate must change over South Africa, Kenya. It must change in Nigeria, it must over change over America. America brought to us the gospel, they shipped a lot of materials and helped us in faith. The gospel must saturate America. England sent out Missionaries and they cannot be taken over by the antichrist demons.

-Before Jesus Christ comes again, there shall be a sweeping move that will knock out every devil, every deity, every shrine and cause that the kingdoms of this world becomes the Kingdom of our Christ and you are in the right place.

He (Dr Roberts Liardon) just told you now that the Generals have gone, many have gone, many are getting very, very old. The other day I was talking to my wife with pain in my heart, I said, “the older people are getting very old, they are growing old. See someone like Papa Kumuyi celebrated 80th birthday this year and he is aggressively still on the field. Papa Adeboye will be 80 next year March. They have tried, they are growing and they are impacting their world. My greatest pain is that the Elders are growing old and the younger ones are not growing up. They are not growing up at all. Church Gist. You find a lot of fake. Authenticity is disappearing. If you count 10 people, maybe 7 are fakes. It is so bad. The thing is that it is so camouflaged that you can’t even know the difference. It is not lasting. We are in a season where God is going to separate the grain from the chaff and the separation is already happening.

I believe there is the release of grace, the release of mantle on the other next generation that will grow up and grow up very fast and step into Apostolic and Prophetic shoes and impact our generation the way our generation must be impacted.

Prayer: The climate around my life must change positively and drastically.

6. For the reward of labour

So that when you sow seed, you can see fruits. So that when the seed is sown, the harvest can be seen.

Jeremiah 5:24 – we need the rain.

Isaiah 55:10 – when the rain has softened the ground, seed can produce harvest.

Do you know the meaning of that? So that when you preach the gospel, it can bring conviction. You can see results, you can see people come out. In the season of rain, even salvation happens without a Word.

We heard in Church history that people like Charles G. Finney would walk through a place and people are weeping for their sins.

We heard of Smith Wigglesworth sitting in a train one day and 2 people looked at him and said, “you convict us of sin.”

It happened to us many times.

In Wembley area, in London, do you remember the North African girl at the reception? Thank God I have a witness here. We walked into the hotel and this young girl at the reception, a Muslim girl from North Africa, she looked at me in the eye and she said, “whatever you have I want it.” My wife was with me; he was there (points at another Pastor), you checked us there. I said, “really!” I ignored as if I didn’t hear anything. We continued the checking in modalities, then we went to sit on the couch at the reception. She came there again, she said, “Sir, whatever you have, I want it.”

I said, “Really! I have Jesus Christ, I have the Holy Ghost, I have the power of God, I have the Anointing of the Holy Ghost”

She said, “everything you talked about I want it.”

We prayed with her, the sinner’s prayer, right there at that reception.

When you carry the rain by His mercies, seed will rapidly produce harvest.

I am not saying we are fully there yet because what God has shown in scriptures and shown in revelation, we haven’t seen physically yet. But the effort is too much. You are screaming out your voice and nobody is answering the altar call and not that they are changed. They are seated right there, they are not ready to be changed.

You are praying and as if your prayers are not producing results

You are giving and as if your giving is not producing results. Even the devil can bear you witness that you are working and yet the work does not translate into desired result. It is over in this Conference.

If you use all your life for aimless labour, what will tell your Creator? What will tell your Maker?

Sometimes I look at the situation in the world and I just feel a bit helpless, the whole of China, the whole of Indonesia…those very drastic T. L Osborne Crusades around the world where whole Nations come under the influence of the Holy Ghost, when shall that happen? We need National Crusades, crusades of the whole Nations and there is no time. Church Gist. With all the COVID things and the antichrist gearing up in a hurry to see how they can force things to happen before time. As if they want to give the mark of the beast before the beast appears and this thing has timetable. The antichrist is not permitted to manifest until the Church is out of the way. There is so much to do.

I was reading his Book (Roberts Liardon) on the Jeffrey brothers. I saw they packed to overflowing with all manner of drastic things happening. Meeting lasting for such a long duration of time. I am asking myself today, “who packs that place now?” In the same country.

It must happen in excess before the end comes and I believe the Lord will help us, in the name of Jesus.

7. For the injection of life into the earth.

Life into Ministry.

When the rain falls, life bubbles, everything comes alive.

Isaiah 55:10

When you come into a Church that is in rainy season, you will feel life. Everything is lively.

Beloved, parts of the world, in Europe is dead to the gospel, in many places because of the bankruptcy of rain. If the rain falls as we expect it to fall: life

Churches are been bought over and turnedΒ to something else: some pubs, some the other religion.

All we need is the rain to fall. When we don’t have life, we replace reality with plasticity. Praise and worship becomes entertainment. Everything is done to replace reality, so that people can feel that nothing is missing. Everything becomes a gimmick. Everything becomes game. You invite all manners of people, you invite comedians to keep the Church alive. All manner of entertainers, just keep the game going.

8. For the generation of the flood of judgment on the adversary

Genesis 7:11; John 7:38; Nahum 1:8; 2:6

The flood is for the judgment of anything that is anti-God

We are the generation that God will use to judge the adversary

This flood will drown Elymas the sorcerer, drown Herod and drown Pharaoh.

When the rain falls, the impact on the rivers is massive which turns into floods and causes colossal damage


1. Know the timing of the rain – Zechariah 10:1

2. Pray when it is time for the rain – Zechariah 10:1

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