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Mulatto & Her Grandma Laugh About Rapper’s First Show At Illegal Block Party

In our exclusive clip of FUSE’s “Made From Scratch,” Mulatto recalls her father blocking off neighborhood streets so his little girl could rap on the back of a trailer.

FUSE has returned with its Made From Scratch series and tomorrow (January 12), they’re all set to feature Mulatto and her grandmother, Mimi G. The series regularly highlights some of our favorite entertainers and their loved ones as they hit up the kitchen to cook up family favorite dishes, and on the upcoming episode, Mulatto and Mimi G laugh about when the Queen of Da Souf rapper first started her career as a teen.

“Oh my gosh, I was there!” said MiMi G as they made salmon, macaroni and cheese, and a sweet potato casserole. “When you were on the trailer…” Mulatto interrupted her grandma with a laugh and said that she needed to share the story of her first-ever live show. “It wasn’t even a real show,” the rapper admitted. “This how you know my family, they ride or die, for real. When I told them I wanted to rap, my daddy he done pulled up—remember I told y’all everybody drag raced, got something to do with cars, all that stuff. So, my daddy had these big ol’ trailers that he would hook up on the back of his cars.”

Mulatto said that her father set up a DJ booth on one of the trailers and they hosted an “end of the year, school block party.” She added that her dad “blocked the street off, pretty much the whole neighborhood off, illegally,” just to make sure his little girl was able to perform. “I performed my songs on top of the trailer like it was a stage.”

“I wanted to rap, he gon’ make my first show, period,” said Mulatto. “Don’t play with us.” Even though it was her first performance, Mulattos said she wasn’t shy and was all in. She also admitted that she’s much more humble than she was back then.

Mulatto’s episode of Made From Scratch will air on Jan. 12 on FUSE at 11:00 p.m. Check out the exclusive clip below.


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