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Mulatto Denies Dating Key Glock, Explains Why She Refuses To Name BF

Some of her fans aren’t buying it, but Big Latto insists she’s not in a relationship with the Memphis rapper.

The mystery man in Mulatto’s life is certainly being protected. The Queen of da Souf rapper has been boasting about her new relationship in recent months, but no one seems to want to name who she’s been getting close to. There were rumors that Mulatto had linked up with 21 Savage, but they both came forward to deny those claims. Mulatto continued to share how in love she is, so much so that it’s changing the way she even moves on social media, yet still, she remains silent about her lover’s identity. Word around the water cooler is that Key Glock was the mysterious man wooing the “Muwop” rapper, and during her interview with Big Facts Podcast, she denied that gossip, as well.

During the chat, one of the hosts brought up that Mulatto was dating Key Glock. The rapper turned shy and said, “Nah. No.” Then, it was mentioned that she only “f*cks with Atlanta n*ggas,” and Mulatto just smiled and said no, once again. Another host added she needs an “Atlanta n*gga,” to which the rapper replied, “I like my n*gga.”

After receving some pressure to name her boyfriend, Big Latto expxlained why she’s keeping that information locked down. “Nah, you see, my life be so public that if I can keep it lowkey, Imma keep it lowkey,” she said. “This ain’t no like—clearly I’m not in the blogs and sh*t like f*ckin’, PR ass relationship… I’m happy behind closed doors. I don’t want everybody in my business f*ckin’ that sh*t up.” Mulatto doubled down that this romance is real, and not something that was thrown together by the industry in order to sell records.

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The hosts continued to do their best to get that exclusive revelation, but Mulatto wasn’t budging. “I’m not saying I’ll never tell the world,” said the rapper. She did reveal that her man works in the industry, but that was all the information she would give up. “I’m dead ass serious. I’m happy behind closed doors and I want to keep it like that.”

Watch Big Latto’s interview in full, below.


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