Model ‘gutted’ as £18 Missguided jumpsuit ‘ruins’ her new £60k Porsche

Nina Bailey, a model from London, is the proud owner of a Porsche Macan, which she bought for an eye-watering £60,000 less than a year ago.

But the 30-year-old has been left feeling absolutely “gutted” after an incident in the vehicle, involving an £18 Missguided jumpsuit.

Nina claims dye from the black outfit has stained the cream-coloured driver’s seat in her Porsche – leaving it “ruined”.

She says several car garages have told her the upholstery is unsalvageable, so she’s been forced to take it back to Porsche, who are going to do their best, but couldn’t guarantee it would definitely come out.

The £60,000 Porsche

Nina claims Missguided have apologised for the trouble but didn’t “accept liability” as they informed her that the product had been tested and “the dye does not transfer”.

In response, the model shared a look at her white bedding, which is also covered in black stains “to the point of no return”.

She’s since thrown away the sheets and proclaimed she won’t wear the jumpsuit ever again – or make any further orders with the online retailer until the issue is resolved.

“The jumpsuit has 100 percent ruined my seat,” she said.

There’s no guarantee the dye will come out

“I was really gutted when I saw it – I thought ‘oh my god, imagine how much that’s going to cost to fix’ for an £18 item – I was really frustrated about it.

“I’ve been to loads of different garages and because they are dyed cream suede seats, it’s not going to come out.

“There was no product information saying that it might run, nothing at all – which was a bit annoying.

“I’ve been able to throw away the bedding but I can’t just get a new seat because it’s a Porsche – it’s kind of stuck with me now.”

The jumpsuit was £18 from Missguided

Nina went on to explain that she first noticed the dye on her bedding while at home cleaning.

She says she washed the jumpsuit before wearing it again, hoping this would fix the problem.

But then after going out in her car, she realised it hadn’t helped – and it was too late.

So she got in touch with Missguided about it.

Nina is gutted about the situation

“They said sorry that it happened.

“I’ve been trying to push for what the options are, but they won’t tell me – I got a bit fed up and thought you know what, I won’t hold my breath with it and assume that they might fob it off.

“They haven’t accepted liability but they did ask for receipts and quotes – I don’t know why they would ask for a quote but at the same time say they tested it and the colour doesn’t transfer.

“I order from them all the time and this is the first time anything like this has happened – I’m not going to order anything from them again because I don’t want to give them any more money until I’ve sorted this out.”

A spokesperson for Missguided said: “We understand the disappointment – we obviously take claims of this kind seriously.

“We’re currently looking thoroughly at what happened and we’ll keep our customer updated on the progress.”

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