Mixed Reactions On Social Media As Transgender Show Off Her Baby Bump

Mixed Reactions On Social Media As Transgender Show Off Her Baby Bump

In life, nothing surprises me anymore, I’m no longer surprised about things that happen in life as we have seen surprising things so I do expect more things to happen.

Transgender are people who don’t like their originality so they did surgery and convert their body to the gender of their choice.

See her photos before transgender surgery.

There are people in the world that can go extreme in finding pleasure, self-esteem, and confidence.

A lot of persons like trying out new things while some like experimenting with their body not minding what the outcome would look like.

After transgender surgery.

The question is can a Transgender get pregnant?

Yes! Transgender can get pregnant, by collecting eggs from donors and making them fertile

There is a misunderstanding that transgender women can only have women by appearance, but can’t get pregnant, that’s not true, they can get pregnant by getting a donor that will produce an egg for fertilization.

I have heard and seen stories of men get pregnant without being transgender. So if men can get pregnant through the scientific method, transgender can also be pregnant that way too.

See her baby bump photos.

Technology has brought about a lot of things that can be used to make diverse things happen.

What couldn’t dare to happen during the olden days is now happening in this present life, men change to women, women change to men, people change to cartoon characters and so many surprising things.

Meghan Margiela is a proud transgender who is very much into herself and don’t care what people think about her, she took to her social media to proudly show off her growing baby bump where people reacted.

Let’s check out people’s reactions.

Chelsea Leanne said:

Are you all transgender having a child? So were you able to grow ovaries and a cervix or was that also a procedure that can now be done?

I’m not trying to be rude at all but it’s just not possible regardless of if you are a woman or not, You don’t have the organs to have a child.

Another person with the name kahuna said:

I think the knot is in the wrong place it should be in your throat like Lil Kim’s was and she had to surgically get it removed out of her throat all those babies were stuck in there so it was kind of giving birth in that way.

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