Michael Rapaport Criticizes Cardi B for Releasing “WAP” During Pandemic.

Michael Rapaport Criticizes Cardi B for Releasing “WAP”.

Weeks after he caught heat for telling Star Wars actor John Boyega to be grateful for his place in the industry, Michael Rapaport is taking aim at Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. The outspoken actor often adds his commentary to pop culture issues that make headlines, and “WAP” is certainly a subject that has a stronghold on social media. The explicit single became a No. 1 hit for the two rappers, but Michael Rapaport isn’t a fan of the viral sensation.

Rapaport shared an audio clip to his Instagram page where he complained about the song. “Yo, you’re making club bangers, but we ain’t got no club to go to. You’re making strip pole music but we don’t have a strip club to go to. We’ve had seven f*ckin’ months. You’ve had seven f*ckin’ months to come out with something articulating your personal feelings, the anguish, the pain, the sorrow, the uncertainty of where we are,” he said of the recent civil unrest. “Just a single, and the best we got is wet ass p*ssy?”

“Yeah, sure, J. Cole put out a couple of—these are not even good J. Cole songs, to be honest,” added Rapaport. “Yeah, he says great things… C’mon man. C’mon. Do yourself a favor these next couple of days. Play Stevie Wonder on a loop. We’re so disposable. We have access to mixtapes. We have access to every f*ckin’ song. Just live with Stevie for a few days.”


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