Method Man & Streetlife’s “Squad Up” Is The 2021 NY Yankee Song

Method Man & Streetlife’s “Squad Up” Is The 2021 NY Yankee Song

Method Man, Streetlife, and Havoc’s “Squad Up” is the official 2021 song of the New York Yankees.
Method Man, Streetlife, and Havoc’s 2019 collaboration “Squad Up” has proven to be quite the anthem, having amassed over three million views on YouTube since its initial release. Featuring a gritty instrumental from the Mobb Deep legend, the track received universal acclaim from hip-hop heads who still appreciate the golden era sound and attitude. In many ways, “Squad Up” captures the spirit of New York’s historical rap scene, so it’s no surprise that one of the city’s key institutions has recognized its value.


For the second consecutive year, the New York Yankees have chosen Streetlife, Method Man, and Havoc’s “Squad Up” to be their official team song of 2021. In honor of the selection, Streetlife and Method Man will be holding it down with a live performance of the track during the Yankees’ official home opener today at Yankee Stadium. Look for that to kick off before the big game, during which the Yanks will go head to head with the Toronto Blue Jays at approximately 1:00 PM.

Being that “Squad Up” is the official team song, the Yankees have shared a promotional clip highlighting the opening night roster, set to the hype-inducing sound of Havoc’s production. “Ayo, this season isn’t about the preparation,” explains Method Man, offering a few predictions. “It’s about to be the year of the culmination.

The baby bombers were the building blocks, the foundation. But now the skyscrapers are the topic of the conversation. Because in this city, rings rule everything around us. We’re bred different, so bear witness.”


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