Mention 1 Good Thing & 1 Bad Thing Your Hood/Area Taught You When Growing Up?

Hi Guys,

Take it or leave it, the Area we grow up in as a great influence on our life and most times determines what we will become.

You cannot deny the fact that your way of life now or before is not as a result of where you grew up whether good or bad.

For some of us, our personal motivation to become a better person in life was cracked down as a result of the bad influences around us while growing up.

Also, some of us have a negatively configured heart but because of the Positive environment we found ourselves while growing up, we became a better person who is now very successful.

On what Area can do to us:- We’ve seen good people gone bad and bad people turned good.

According to research, The Area where you grow up has 95% Influence on your Life whether to turn Good or Bad.

Today, we will like to know ?

1. Tell us the Area where you grow up?

2. Tell us 1 Good thing your Area taught or Influenced you with?

3. Tell us 1 Bad thing your Area taught or Influenced you with that you currently regret?

We want to know.

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