Meet The Lady With The Most Perfect Shape In The World, She Is 41 Years Old

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder, but then science believes that perfection can be counted. Is there really anything as the most perfect shape, beauty can be measured by many things according to people. Some people see beauty in the eyes, some see it in ones legs, some can be your smile too.

People mostly tag the perfect shape as a woman who has an hourglass figure, or a figure 8. According to the Researchers at the University of Texas, science believes that the beautiful model, Kelly Brook has the most perfect shape in the world.

Kelly Brooks also known as Kelly Ann Parsons, is a 41 years old model in the United States, actress, media personality, and author. Kelly Brooks is a woman that is all round natural, she has never done any plastic surgery to alter her shape. See her pictures below;

So tell me if you agree with them, is she really the person with the most perfect shape.

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