Meet The Beautiful Twin Sisters That Were Cut Into Two Through Surgery

Yes you read that perfectly, the twins were cut into half, it’s something unbelievable I know. Just like a scene from a horror movie, where chainsaw was used to divide victims, this is not the case though. Keep reading to know why these adorable twins, were cut into half.

Kendra and Maliyah Herrin are beautiful 18 years old Twin girls, from Salt Lake, Utah. When they were born, they didn’t seem like the normal twins you see everyday. They were conjoined twins, they shared a liver and they had just one kidney between them. Infact the doctors back then, didn’t even expect that they would live more than 24 hours.

For four years, the two sisters were living as conjoined twins. Eventually, when they clocked 4yeas old, they under went a life-threatening surgery to separate them. After the operation, Kendra was the one that was left with the kidney, while Maliyah was on dialysis for a while, before their mother donated her kidney to her daughter.

Currently the twins both live with one leg each, they use crutches to move around. God proved the doctors wrong and they lived even longer than 24 hours and are still alive til today. See Their Beautiful Pictures Below;

With articles like this, you have no reason not to believe in the power of God. Remember in any situation you find your self, always be greatful to God.

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