Masego Drops New “Studying Abroad” EP Featuring Don Toliver & Shenseea

In many ways, Studying Abroad is Masego’s most ambitious project to date. 

The project sets out to tell a clearcut story, using six songs to do so. Spanning just over fifteen minutes, the new EP from Masego takes the listener through different stages of a relationship, going from the initial honeymoon phase to the breakup. 

Working with different musicians to make this project come about, Masego praises D’Mile, Jack Dine, Jonah Christian, IzyBeats, and Kojo Asamoah for helping him create an international soundscape with tons of different world flavor. The EP features the likes of Don Toliver and Shenseea.

In addition to the project’s release, Masego will be performing a live-streamed concert on Tuesday, November 17. Stay tuned for that and let us know your favorite song from Studying Abroad.


1. Passport
2. Silver Tongue Devil (feat. Shenseea)
3. Mystery Lady (feat. Don Toliver)
4. Polygamy
5. Sides Of Me
6. Bye Felicia


Source: HNH

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