Look At The House Where Wole Soyinka Lives – See 5 Strange Things In The House

Look At The House Where Wole Soyinka Lives – See 5 Strange Things In The House

Numerous Writer and columnists who had been to Educator Wole Soyinka house have consistently depicted it as the “Nobel Laureate’s Woodland home”. The house is supposed to be situated in the profound edge of the antiquated city, Abeokuta where not many individuals visit for visit due to a portion of the old collectibles in his home.

As per Educator Wole Soyinka, he had obtained the house since 1984 and he moved there not long after he resigned from the College of Ife now known as Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, situated in Ile-Ife. Prof. Wole Soyinka used to be an instructor at the College before he resigned, so he said that he had been experiencing the house from that point forward.

In one of the narratives about this house, Prof. Soyinka tells the columnist that the first occasion when he welcomed a few workers to deal with his property, they were getting frightened as of now on the grounds that the house is extremely distant from the primary street. Thus, they were at that point growing terrible hypotheses in their mind on what he needed to do with them in the thick woodland. One of the immediately revealed to him that he needed to ease himself and promptly he halted the vehicle, the person took off and fled. That is the means by which far his home is.

Wole Soyinka is truly a legend and have chose a life which he thinks it’s better for him, most think that the way of his living contributes in his long life and healthy living. On this Article, I will also show you some strange things that was found in the house of these legend.


There are lots of strange out work that was found in the house which includes the bronze head of Ife, and a bronze carved leopard that’s is found sitting in his living room. There are lots of strange carved images as well that was found in the house which you can see through the pictures.

Wole Soyinka is truly And legend and people from far and wide come to see him. What do you think about this brave man. Please leave your comment below.

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