Listen To YaeDaOne’s New Ep ‘Vibes’

Listen To YaeDaOne’s New Ep ‘Vibes’ mp3 download.

He delights and blesses us with his new ep titled ‘Vibes,’ and just as the name, the project comes with every tool necessary to take your emotional state to the next level.

The young rapper expresses the everyday life of hustling and simply trying to survive in each song.

Mentioning the good, the bad, and the ugly from making money and broadcasting the success of his inner circle – for motivational purposes – to speaking on the deaths in the city and how violent it can get when lines are crosses and disrespect is shown.

His first song he released on Soundcloud got 1,000+ listens within 24 hours. Not to mention his work on the producing end as well.

Listen below.

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