Liquorose states Reasons Why She Can’t Have An Affair In Big Brother House

Liquorose states Reasons Why She Can't Have An Affair In Big Brother HouseLiquorose states Reasons Why She Can’t Have An Affair In Big Brother House

Obviously, some housemates got into a heated debate with themselves and at the center of the debate were Liquorose, Whitemoney, Angel, Queen, Yousef, and Emmanuel. Though they were simply talking about an intimacy, and Liquorose was adamant that she would never have an affair with a man in the Big Brother House, citing the following reasons.

According to Liquorose, a mutual affair is a spirit, and when you have an affair with someone, there is an exchange of spirit and destiny between the two persons involved in the act, which may have a bad impact on the person’s life or otherwise.

Liquorose also believes that you can’t start an affair in the house and then leave to meet another person outside that you’re in love with instead of the one you met in the Big Brother House.

Liquorose also stated that she can not fall in love in the Big Brother House due to the fact that love in the house is not genuine and only phony love exists.

Angel, contrary to Liquorose’s opinion, stated that if she is already having a mutual affair with someone in the Big Brother House and only meets someone outside the house with whom she is in love, she will continue to have an affair with that person because she cares less about what other people think about her decision.

Aside from some of Liquorose’s good arguments for having an affair in the house, I completely disagree with her on the point that love in the Big Brother House is fake rather than real. You may recall that in previous seasons of Big Brother Naija, we had couples like Teddy A and Bambam, Gedoni and Kaffi, who went outside after their affairs in the house to continue their relationship till they married.

Do you agree with Liquorose’s reasons for refusing to have an affair in the Big Brother House?

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