Lil Yachty Apologizes To Nicki Minaj & The Barbz

Lil Yachty Apologizes To Nicki Minaj & The Barbz

A lot of time has passed since Lil Yachty told an interviewer that he would not be open to working with Nicki Minaj moving forward. The comment was made during Nicki’s heated feud against Cardi B. Considering Yachty’s ties to Offset, who is married to Cardi, it wasn’t too shocking that he was backing the “Bodak Yellow” superstar. However, his words ended up getting him blocked on Twitter by the Queen herself.

Over the weekend, the Atlanta-based rapper revealed that after a few years, he’s still blocked from viewing Nicki’s page. He posted a screenshot of the blocking, apologizing to the Barbs and essentially begging for forgiveness. “Hey barbs, it’s boat… I just wanted to apologize,” he wrote in a tweet. “I love Cardi and nicki, big fan guys. I hope u guys can forgive me.”

Almost instantly, fans replied to him with his comments from years prior, reminding the rapper that he clearly chose his side by repping Cardi over Nicki. He responded by retweeting many of the instances he’s shown love to Minaj, sharing posts from all the way back in 2011. “Yall toxic as hell, im scared of y’all,” he concluded.

Thus far, Nicki has not responded to Lil Yachty or his request for forgiveness. Do you think he can regain favor with the Barbs?

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