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Lil Pump Disrespects Juice WRLD In Rock Song Preview

Lil Pump mocks Juice WRLD and references his fatal drug overdose in a new song preview.

Lil Pump got famous off of social media antics, doing the most on Instagram and Twitter. The world reacted favorably to his nonsense for a few years, but in recent times his career has been on a steep decline. The Florida-based rapper hasn’t had a hit record in a minute, and it feels like he’s been seriously fading in terms of relevance. These days, you’d have to search long and hard before finding anyone that admits they listen to his music.

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With things looking dire for the Trump-supporting rapper,Β the MAGA-hat-wearing Lil Pump has tried to take his music in different directions, but it feels like not even the most desperate of his attempts will land with an audience. This week, Pump previewed a new song on social media, showing off his foray into rock music. Still, people aren’t fans of the sound, and they’re even more outraged about his disrespectful name-drop of Juice WRLD, which was first previewed last year.

“Mama told me don’t go to school on a Percocet/Like Juice WRLD, 70 pounds on a private jet,” raps the 20-year-old on the song. You’ll recall that, upon landing at Chicago’s Midway Airport where he suffered a fatal drug overdose, Juice WRLD was found with 70 pounds of marijuana on his private jet. He reportedly popped several pills before the plane landed, which contributed to his fatal seizure.

Many fans of the late artist are voicing their frustration with Lil Pump, who is seemingly mocking his death on the song.

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Do you think Lil Pump is being disrespectful toward Juice WRLD with these lyrics?

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