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Lessons Nigerians Should Learn From Pastor Ikuku Who Impregnated 17 Year Old Girl

Lessons Nigerians Should Learn From Pastor Ikuku Who Impregnated 17 Year Old Girl

Pastors are supposed to be leaders in our society. There are supposed to show many the way to righteousness (rightful living), there are supposed to be mentors to people both in the circular and religious world, they are suppose to live by example but some pastors have failed in this aspect. I remember when pastors can be trusted, I remember when a mother can live her female child in the hands of a man of God without thinking otherwise, take us back to the days where a girl can sit in her uncle’s lap without Any evil though going through his mind. I miss Christianity of old, where people who call themselves Christian are very careful not to go against the doctrine of Jesus Christ but today things have turned from the normal.

Pastors where trustworthy and worthy of emulation, pastors where God fearing and was dedicated to the world no matter what, pastor where godly but from my observation I think that we now have wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I know it will no longer be new to most of the readers that a pastor who has been identified as Emenike Samuel Ikuku got a girl of 17yrs old pregnant, told her to abort it and when she refused, he threatened to kill her.

After this news surfaced online, they have been different react ions by Nigerians all expressing their anger towards this ungodly incident. We learn everyday and also from every possible situation that comes our way, so we won’t fall victim of such an act from another. There is a saying in Nigeria that experience is the best teacher and this is true. But my advice to many people is that we should try to learn from the experience of others and not our own experience, because not all experience will give you a second chance. Some experience might even take your life if we are not careful. After much observation and thoughts I came out with some lessons Nigerian parents should learn from this incident:

Trust no One: from this incident and other incidents of pastor raping or sleeping with girls I think the first message Nigerian parents should take note is that; nobody worth your trust except God. I think from history the only one who has never failed an man is god and to avoid had I know, it is better we trust no one except the one who can fail us. The reasons some people commit suicide after getting heartbroken is because of the trust they have for such fellow. Imagine a girl who trusts a boy with all her hearts, suddenly gets hurt by that boy. It will take a very long time for that wound to be healed and even after it get heals, the scars might remain in her heart for ever. Please your heart is too precious to be broken, better not trust anyone than for you to trust and regret tomorrow.


Don’t Judge a Book by the cover: never have you judged a book by the cover because the content is more important than what is written on the cover page. This incident should teach Nigerians that most pastors and Christians are just bearing the name for religion sake. Everyone want to be called a pastor, everyone want to own a ministry, but we have all forgotten that the title is not important than what we carry inside. If we are to judge from the outward appearance, those pastors who rapes girls all in the name of deliverance won’t have been suspected at all. Most of them look so innocent, like someone who can’t kill a fly. The worst part of it all is that after everything they blame the devil, for getting that the devil forces no one but only gives you reasons to sin. What marveled me more is that the pastor did not even only have her pregnant, he also told her to abort the baby and even went to the extent of threatening lives. I pray god will help us.

Sexual Urge doesn’t respect anointing: this lesson goes to mainly pastors in Nigeria. Please endeavor to stay away from girls, it might not be the intention of the pastor but maybe he was tempted and fell for it. No man is like God, and your anointing has limits. God say flee from any form of sexual immorality but many of us are now speaking in tongues when we are faced with such temptation. Remember, sexual urge don’t have respect for anointing and I will advise you all to flee before crying had I know.

Be careful: ladies and pastors should take note of this. There is nothing like being extra careful in life. As a servant of God (pastor) the devil might try all means possible to tempt you and if you fail that might be the end of your ministry. When I heard this story many were abusing the pastor but I noticed that the girl also wanted it. If it was a rape, the girl would have said it to all but I feel she went there with that intention and that was why after he slept with her she told no one till she noticed she was pregnant. Pastors’ girls can be sent from the marine world to tempt you and if you fall for that temptation, coming out might be impossible. Temptation is like fire, the more you try to hide it, the more you fall into it the more. I pray God will give us wisdom to live life to please him in this sinful world.

For those of you who have seen this news before now please who is to be blamed for this incident? The pastor or the lady pleases state with reasons.

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