Lazarus Names Eminem, Nas & More in His Top 5 GOAT List


Lazarus reveals his Top 5.

Detroit’s Lazarus recently did a live interview with Fat Joe on IG and as always, the host asked him about his Top 5 Favorite MCs of all time.

My top five rappers of all time, Obviously Pac and Biggie, that cliché gotta stay in there,” says Lazarus. “Because of how much impact they had on me. The genius GZA, who’s also the personal mentor of mine. One of my favorite emcees. He might be my favorite emcee just because of the wordplay, science that he puts into it, you could see the connection to it. “Liquid Swords” is my favorite album of all time. Shout out to GZA, genius. Then I probably gonna have to go with Nas and Eminem and Big Pun.

Check it out below.



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