Landlord Surprises his Female Tenant who Hasn’t Paid Rent for 2 Years, Buys Hotel Room of 3 Weeks for Her

Landlord Surprises his Female Tenant who Hasn’t Paid Rent for 2 Years, Buys Hotel Room of 3 Weeks for Her

  • A landlord has earned the admiration of internet users as he showed a rare kindness to a female tenant of his
  • The kind landlord surprised the lady who had owned him rent for 2 years by buying her hotel room for 3 weeks
  • The lady was overwhelmed with emotions as she shed tears and gave the man a hug in appreciation

A landlord has caused huge stir on social media as he surprised one of his tenants.

It is said that the tenant who is a lady had stayed in the man’s apartment for 2 years but has not being able to pay rent.Reactions as kind landlord buys hotel room of 3 weeks for his female tenant owing him rent for 2 years

The lady didn’t see the gesture coming and shed tears Photo Credit: Screengranbs from video shared by BI Phakathi

In a video shared on Facebook by BI Phakathi, the landlord narrated that the lady had defaulted in he rent renewal probably due to financial constraints and was going to get her out of the apartment.

The unidentified house owner arrived at the lady’s place and helped pack her things out.

He then went on to lodge her in a hotel room for 3 weeks pending when she is able to find her feet again.

In the video, he was seen encouraging her with kind words.

The stunned lady was overwhelmed with emotions and hugged the man in tears.

It is believed that the man’s move of moving her out of the apartment was to allow it for rental to others.

Social media reacts

Delroy Delgado Scarten remarked:

“May God bless man of golden hearts like you.In this cruel and heartless world, many aren’t concerned about how others are struggling pulling the wagons of life.What matters to them is their wants satisfied on the expense of others’ needs.”

Roberta J Harper said:

“I pay my rent every month for 6 yrs and have now went through 4 landlords but this last one raised the rent 50 dollars and soon another 150. Doing so will make me and my partner homeless. Living on disability su*cks I rather work but can’t due to I barely get around as is. God bless this man.”

Morris Gordils wrote:

“I think he should have not move her out an let the city help instead of him doing that even do she not paying rent at the moment u had a good tent the next one mite not be that good you should have just lowered her rent.”

Sha HighlyBlessed Christopher reacted:

“No my at people are using this pandemic as a excuse Not to pay rent… these landlords have to pay mortgage on properties as well… smh if you’re able pay your bills… 2 years come on.”

Kind man buys homeless single father hotel room for a week

Meanwhile, previously reported that a kind man had bought a homeless single father hotel room for a week.

Understanding Compassion reported that he had lived in a homeless shelter with his 2-year-old son while his job hunt continued.

As fate would have it, British writer and TV host Leon Logothetis happened to be in Denver on a ‘kindness tour’ and met James.

Leon, out of compassion, was said to have given the single dad $1,000 (N411,480). In addition, the writer bought them a hotel room for a week’s stay.

Source: Legit

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