Lamar Odom To Duke Out With Fake Drake In The Boxing Ring

Former NBA player, Lamar Odom is ready for a couple rounds in the ring with…”Drake”

Online personality, popularly known as Izzy Drake, previously challenged “Certified Lover Boy” artist Drake to a boxing match. The Fake Drake is known for his subtle resemblance to the rapper, and his haircut, done in Drake’s renowned do, with a heart in front.

According to the offer made by the media personality, Drake was to cough up a million dollars if he lost the match, and if he won, his impersonator would change his name to “just Izzy.” A million dollars is certainly not unattainable for the rapper who recently sold his YOLO estate in Hidden Hills for $12 million.

In response to the challenge, Odom stepped up to take the place of “[his] man Drake.” The 42-year-old posted a video promising to lay Fake Drake “right down” during the fight, much like he did during his previous matches on Celebrity Boxing.

Lamar Odom Accepted Fake Drake’s Offer

Fake drake is getting his wish for a celebrity boxing match, but not with the celebrity he called out. The media personality previously challenged Drake to a $1 million friendly boxing match hosted by Celebrity Boxing.

Instead of the rapper, former NBA star Odom announced his interest in the match. According to TMZ, Damon Feldman from Celebrity Boxing confirmed the match. The former basketball player posted a pre-fight video where he was clad in a Nipsey Hussle shirt.

In the video announcing the fight, Odom said, “I heard this news that this fake lookalike wanna fight my man, Drake. But my man don’t really get his hands dirty, So what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna step in the way and take that fight. Get the contract, lay you right down.”

Lamar Odom Isn’t New To Celebrity Boxing Matches

Celebrity Boxing Showdown Press Conference in Miami Florida USA - August 11 2021

Due to his formidable height of 6’10 and his basketball career, which included championships with Kobe Bryant, Odom will most likely win this fight. The 42-year-old also has some experience with boxing, at least with celebrity boxing.

Besides the upcoming fight with the Drake lookalike, Odom previously fought with Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, Ojani Noa, and won in a celebrity boxing match. He also knocked out Aaron Carter in the second round of their boxing match last year.

In response to Odom’s video, Fake Drake posted a video of himself training for the match. The footage mainly showcased the media personality ducking punches. The match was set for October 15th, with the choices for the venue being between Atlantic City and Miami.

Fake Drake Challenged Drake

Last month Fake Drake issued a challenge to the “Hot Line Bling” artist, asking for a friendly match in which the rapper would part with $1 million and sign him to his record label if he lost. The media personality said, “It’s your boy Izzy Drake, OVO tings, you already know we outside. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing.”

“August 27th, I’m calling Drake out for a friendly boxing match. If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO; you gotta give me a million dollars. If you win, I’ll change my name,” he promised. “It’s an OVO ting, you already know.”

The offer came not long after the impersonator was ushered out of a Houston club where Drake was at the time. According to TMZ, after noticing that fake Drake was in the building, promoters DJ Eric and Chris Chizer asked that security remove him. The rapper is yet to make any comment concerning the situation, but he liked a post concerning it on DJ Akademiks’ Instagram page.

Fake Drake Got Banned From Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, not long after challenging Drake to the celebrity boxing match, Fake Drake was banned from Instagram for impersonating the rapper. Akademiks broke the news on Instagram on Saturday by posting a picture of the Toronto rapper alongside his impersonator. The caption read, “Naaa… don’t tell me Instagram was sick of it.”

Izzy started portraying himself as Drake’s doppelgänger in October 2021 when he appeared at Club IV in Miami clad in an OVO tracksuit. Artists like Justin LaBoy and Tory Lanez shared pictures of the media personality on their Instagram stories. Akademiks also shared videos of him.

During a May interview with Complex Magazine, Izzy said, “Every time I go out, I get swarmed by people. People be like, ‘Yo, can I get a video? Can I get a photo?’ It got to be really crazy. In Miami especially, I have to walk around with security.”