Lagos goes after traffic laws violators with PayVIS

By Adeyinka Aderibigbe

The Lagos State Government has launched PayVIS, a number plate detection platform that captures vehicle offenders when they violate traffic laws and then bills them.

PayVIS is an initiative of the Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service.

According to the information contained in the website of PayVis “PlateDetect (otherwise known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) device), is a Traffic analytics and access control application developed for Lagos State’s Vehicle Inspection Service to track, monitor, and book traffic offenders.”

“LASG VIS’s PlateDetect ensures that all vehicle documentation (vehicle license, Insurance policy, Roadworthiness certificate, Driver’s license, Hackney permit (Commercial vehicles only), Lagos State Drivers’ Institute card (Commercial vehicles) can be verified and tickets raised for violators.”

Traffic cameras located beside traffic lights will capture traffic offenders without the presence of traffic officials.

The camera takes a photo shot of the vehicle’s plate number and runs a scan of the vehicle’s records in the state’s VIS database.

To detect whether you may have had a prior traffic offense, vehicle owners are urged to visit their website, type in their number plate and then click on search.

Once this is done, a bill is generated for any outstanding offense.

On its Facebook page, the Vehicle Inspection Service said that it will be showing an understanding of the current economic situation to exhibit fairness and good faith by offering a 50% rebate on existing unpaid fines from January 1 to 31st January 2021.

Offenders are advised to take the opportunity of the period to pay up, as 100% penalty would be payable after the deadline.


Source: The Nation

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