Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Fuel Rumors They’re Back Together (Again)

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Are Still "Madly In Love": Report

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Fuel Rumors They’re Back Together (Again)

The stars were spotted together once again Sunday night, after going out for dinner with fellow pop culture couples: Justin Beiber and Hailey, Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker.
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went out to dinner on a “triple date” with their friends and family on Sunday night, reports surfaced this morning. TMZ snapped photos of Travis, the Biebers, and Kendall with her NBA player boyfriend, Devin Booker. While Kylie Jenner wasn’t pictured in the paparazzi shots, TMZ claims to know she was indeed at the dinner.

Recent social media activity has suggested that Kylie and Travis are friends again, at the very least. Kylie posted many videos with Scott at the club for his birthday festivities last weekend. Sources reported that they were flirting, and that they were “very close and affectionate” throughout the night.

Rumors of a reunion have been flying since their breakup, shortly after the birth of their daughter, Stormi. Each time these rumors surface, the pair publicly diffuses them and insists that they are not together. The gossip reignited back in November once more, when the two posed together on Instagram, seemingly as only a couple would.

Platonic or not, the love is obviously still there between the two. For Travis’ birthday, Kylie posted a few photos of him and Stormi on her Instagram story. Travis dedicated a sweet Mother’s Day post to Kylie on Sunday, sharing two photos of Kylie and Stormi cuddled up in the car and pool. He captioned it with a popular poem,

“Of all the special things in life

The big ones and small

A mamas love and rage and tenderness

Is the most special of them all”

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