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Kyle Kuzma Goes Off On COVID-19 Restriction During Twitter Rant

Kyle Kuzma isn’t ready for another lockdown.

Kyle Kuzma has always been vocal on Twitter and he’s not shy to give his opinion on pressing topics that are happening in the world. One of those topics just so happens to be the Coronavirus which has continued to ravage the United States and the rest of the world. In fact, the United States posted 160,000 COVID-19 cases today and another 1,600 deaths. These are some very grim numbers and they are a demonstration that despite the hope for a COVID-19 vaccine, this pandemic is far from over.

Regardless, Kuzma seems to be quite sick of the whole thing and took Twitter where he decided to give his opinion on a potential second lockdown. In the tweets below, Kuzma says he is adamant about keeping everything open, while also trying to convince his fans that a lockdown won’t actually change anything.

Many of his fans tried to change his mind by citing some countries that have successfully put a stop to the virus, although Kuzma remained certain that nothing could be done. His fans even pointed out that he stayed in a bubble for 100 days and that zero cases were found during that time. Even with that argument in mind, Kuzma held firm on his belief, claiming that NBA players in Orlando is much different than a big city like Los Angeles being forced to shut down as a whole.

Kuzma’s take has been receiving quite a bit of criticism over the past couple of hours, and it’s easy to see why when you consider how so many have died due to the virus. Regardless, the Coronavirus will forever remain a polarizing subject for many Americans.

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