King Von Goes To Jail In “Armed & Dangerous” Video

King Von’s posthumous music video for “Armed & Dangerous” is officially out now.

Prior to his untimely death, King Von was recognized as one of the premier storytellers in rap. Hailing from Chicago’s O’Block, the 26-year-old tapped into his creative spirit to deliver haunting tales from the streets, using his visuals to amplify his message. Von’s manager has stated that the rapper had several music videos finished at the time of his passing, and they’ve been trickling them out to support the release of Welcome To O’Block, which came out just days before Von’s killing. Today, his estate releases the official clip for “Armed & Dangerous”.

The video starts off with King Von exiting his house to take out the trash, noticing a bunch of opps watching his every move. Even the woman he hollers at on the street looks at him suspiciously before he gets thrown in jail, playing a game of hoops with other inmates. The 2-minute video was filmed last year, directed by Jerry Production. It shows off Von’s gift for immersing the viewer into his state of mind, following the video release for “Wayne’s Story” a few weeks ago.

Rest in peace, King Von. Watch the new video above.


Source: HNH

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