Kentucky AG receives ‘critical’ FBI ballistics report

Kentucky AG receives 'critical' FBI ballistics reportKentucky AG receives ‘critical’ FBI ballistics report.

“There is still additional analysis that must take place, and our office does not plan to make an announcement this week,” Cameron said. “We continue to work diligently to follow the facts and complete the investigation.”

He revealed that he will meet with the FBI in the coming days to review the report, and he continually stressed that he wanted to conduct a thorough investigation, leaving “no stone unturned” in determining the full series of events.

When Brennan asked what Cameron expected to learn from the report, he declined to make any further statement.

However, Crump praised the development as “welcome news,” stating that police had repeatedly claimed the ballistics report was the final piece needed to wrap up the investigation. He also said a swift end to the investigation is what the community “desperately needs to heal.”

After Crump claimed that the family had been treated by police with “delay tactic, delay tactic, delay tactic,” Brennan asked him point-blank if he believed the Louisville Police Department had purposefully delayed the investigation.

Crump merely stated that he knew the Taylor family was “distrustful.” He then revived an accusation that the police report was left alarmingly blank of details, and alleged that it had made false claims, such as leaving out any mention of “forced entry” and stating that Taylor suffered from no injuries.

Before wrapping up his interview, Crump provided an update on Jacob Blake’s condition. He detailed the various injuries that Blake suffered as a result of being shot seven times in the back by a police officer, as seen in video footage from the incident.

“He suffered catastrophic injuries,” Crump said, listing bullet penetration to Blake’s spinal cord, colon, and kidneys, and claimed that Blake had lost control of his bowel movements.

“He is a shell of himself,” Crump said.


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