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Joyner Lucas & Grafh Are Forming A Super Group

Joyner Lucas recently tweeted-and-deleted the announcement of his new “super rap group,” confirming that Grafh would be involved.

Supergroups can be a gamble, but when they do work, the results tend to speak for themselves. While it’s been a minute since we’ve seen one come through and make a lasting impression, perhaps 2021 will bring upon new possibilities. Over the weekend, Joyner Lucas revealed his intentions to create a new group, making the announcement in a since-deleted post on both Facebook and Twitter.Β 

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“I decided I’m going to form a super rap group and we are going to take over the world,” writes Joyner. “I’m announcing 1 group member at a time. Let’s start with your worst nightmare GRAFH.” Bold though his intent for world domination may be, the fact that he’s enlisted Grafh for his ignoble cause is a promising sign — especially considering how slept on the New York lyricist remains, even in the wake of a prolific 2020 campaign.

While it’s unclear as to why Joyner deleted the announcement tweet — hopefully it doesn’t spell a premature end of the group’s existence — Grafh did take a moment to retweet a screenshot of the original post. Unfortunately, there’s not much to go off at the moment, as Joyner has seemingly hit the pause button on the promising rollout. Alas, further lineup reveals have yet to arrive, though that hasn’t stopped the fans from speculating on potential additions. Names like Hopsin, King Los, and Royce Da 5’9″ have all been thrown into the mix, with many assuming that — like Slaughterhouse before it — Joyner’s unnamed group will be a lyrically focused one.Β 

Keep an eye out for further news about the upcoming endeavor, and look for Joyner and Grafh’s new group to make their proper debut at some point early this year.Β 


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