Jorge Rolando Bauger will start a cycle of World Cup gatherings

Jorge Rolando Bauger announced that on Thursday, July 21, starting at 7:00 p.m., he will hold the first installment of the cycle of World Cup gatherings.

The activity will take place on the terrace of Logomarca (Ave. Romulo Betancourt # 1) starting at 7 pm. Access to it will be free.

With this new initiative, Bauger continues to spread the values ​​of soccer in the country.

He has published two soccer books, magazines allegorical to the World Cups, produced the column FΓΊtbol Solo FΓΊtbol in the evening newspaper El Nacional, radio and television programs of the same name, in addition to having founded the first soccer school in the country.

In the talks, the experienced football coach and communicator will present relevant aspects related to the most iconic World Cups in history, from the origins of FIFA, its relationship with the IOC and will highlight the golden age of Uruguayan football prior to the first World Cup of the world.

Bauger will highlight the appearance of television in the World Cups, emphasizing the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, which was the one that turned soccer into a true sporting spectacle.

Jorge Allen Bauger, executive director of the LDF and director of the football school, will speak about the extraordinary coverage that the 2018 World Cup had on the different digital platforms, who will also refer to the expectations for Qatar 2022.

At the end of each gathering, the exhibitors will interact with the attending public.