Joe Budden Reacts To Rory & Mal’s New Video On IG Live

Joe Budden, Rory, Mal

Joe Budden Reacts To Rory & Mal’s New Video On IG Live

Joe Budden says he’s watched Rory and Mal’s new video, released following the explosive last episode of the Joe Budden Podcast which featured their public firing. Budden says he still loves them and has no plans to sue them.

Budden also clarifies that payment issues are being handled behind the scenes.

“I feel like Joe feels like a lot of the success of this podcast is based over his music career,” Mal said in this weekend’s video. “And my thing is, it’s not. I been in some of these cities when you were a rapper, Joe. … This many people weren’t showing up for you.”

Budden apologized soon after the incident exploded online, admitting that he displayed poor leadership skills.

“Seeing all of this feedback and all this —I do need to apologize to Rory, as well,” he said. “Maybe Rory and Mal, too, but definitely Rory … things sound a lot spicier in the go-out.”

He added: “Ever since that last pod, I’ve just been having like pictures in my head of every moment that me and the guys have ever had together. When I say I didn’t ask you to do shit for me — ‘cause I don’t ask y’all to do shit for me but that’s a man thing to me.”


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