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Joe Budden Doubts Freddie Gibbs Could Wash LL Cool J On Wax

Freddie Gibbs insists that he “ain’t worried about no bars from LL Cool J.”

Freddie Gibbs recently hopped on a phone call with the Joe Budden podcast where he discussed the possibility of going bar-for-bar with LL. The Grammy-nominated rapper insisted it was just harmless Internet jokes but he added that he isn’t afraid to engage in a rap beef. “I heard you and LL had a little back-and-forth?” Joe pressed Gibbs who insisted that wasn’t the case with an exaggerated, “No fucking way.” “No way, me and LL do not have beef, man. How can I have beef with LL Cool J? He’s one of the greatest of all time, founders of hip hop,” Gibbs responded.

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Budden, calling Gibbs a “pussy,” got the Alfredo MC to admit that he did say some “funny stuff” on the internet. However, he said he isn’t worried about exchanging bars with the rap legend. Budden was adamant, though partially joking, that LL Cool J would wash Freddie Gibbs on wax in 2021. “Who do you think would get the better of the other?” Joe asked Freddie. “I say LL.”

“Uh no. I mean, you think wrong, Mr. Budden. I mean, you know, maybe if this was 90-somethin’, 80-somethin’, you know, LL is — That’s Jack The Ripper. I respect LL. He’s one of the best of battle rapping, you know what I mean?” He responded. Joe interrupted, claiming Freddie hasn’t gone bar-for-bar with anyone on wax. “You know why? Because nobody want it with me, that’s why… They know don’t play like that.”

“Until you “nice rappers” get involved in some beef, I can’t just assume how y’all will perform in beef. LL has done it too many times,” Joe explained. “He did it to Canabis, what’d you think he gonna to you, bro? Honestly. Tell the truth.”

Gibbs was adamant that he’s not concerned about getting into a rap feud with LL Cool J, adding that he’s already “brought bars” to a few rappers in the past. “I ain’t worried about giving people a couple bars. That’s easy,” he added before explaining that he doesn’t think the song LL previewed with Q-Tip was actually about him. 

Elsewhere in the conversation, Freddie Gibbs discusses the possibilities of winning the Grammys, and his upcoming film endeavors. Check out the interview below. 


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