Jessie J Reflects on ‘Who You Are’ Album 10 Years Later.

Jessie J

Jessie J Reflects on ‘Who You Are’ Album 10 Years Later.

In addition to discussing her debut album, she also tells the Pop Shop Podcast about her yet-untitled fifth album, set to be executive-produced by Ryan Tedder.

When Jessie J first moved to LA from the U.K. quite a decade ago, she was living off Cheetos, doing three studio sessions each day , and wondering where her next check might come from.

But through a mixture of writing songs for other artists and releasing her years-in-the-making debut album in early 2011, she launched her career because the music star we all know today.

And it all truly started with Who you’re , Jessie’s very first album, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Sunday. The project, which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, spawned J’s breakout song “Price Tag,” her debut U.K. single “Do It sort of a Dude” and her first Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit “Domino.”

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For the 10-year anniversary, Jessie J got on a video call with the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast to speak all about the making of the album, scoring her first (and second) No. 1 hits in her native U.K., and a well-known face that popped up in her early music videos.

She also has some great stories about writing “Do It sort of a Dude” with Rihanna in mind but keeping the aggressive anthem for her first U.K. single instead (“I just remember seeing the entire split of ‘I love her’/’I hate her’ [when it debuted] … I loved the extremity”) and writing what would become one among Miley Cyrus’ biggest hits. “‘Party within the USA’ put my foot within the door as a reputable artist which will write songs, which i will be able to always be grateful for,” she said, even singing a couple of of the first lyrics that were about Jessie’s move from U.K. to the U.S. rather than Miley’s move from Nashville to LA.Who You Are – Jessie J (2011) – LETS FACE THE MUSIC


“When Biden was elected, it had been played everywhere,” Jessie added of the 2009 hit. “To be related to such a historic moment, even now, literally 13, 12 years on, it’s with great care magical. I’m so grateful for Miley and what she did for that song and what it did on behalf of me . It paid my rent. She basically kept me afloat when it had been a troublesome time and that i was a struggling artist that just wanted to try to to my thing.”

(Speaking of 12 years ago, watch Jessie do a virtual duet together with her younger self on the song “Mamma Knows Best,” posted Sunday to celebrate the anniversary.)

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