Jake Paul Says Floyd Wants Him Dead, Launches “Gotcha Hat” Merch

Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul Says Floyd Wants Him Dead, Launches “Gotcha Hat” Merch

Jake Paul also admitted that Floyd’s bodyguard hit him square in the eye.
Jake Paul is not well-liked when it comes to the fighting world as many feel like he truly hasn’t earned the hype that surrounds him. After defeating the likes of Ben Askren two weeks ago, many are starting to take Paul more seriously, and he has even caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather who is set to fight Logan Paul in just a month from now.

Today, Jake and Floyd went viral as Paul stole the hat right off of Mayweather’s head. This caused a huge scrum where Jake was punched in the eye by Floyd’s bodyguard. From there, Jake was roughed up, even more, all while Floyd was in a fit of rage over Paul’s stunt.

Now, to commemorate the occasion, Paul is selling his own “Gotcha Hat” merch which is meant to profit off of what just happened. Considering merch is involved, there is no doubt all of this was planned.


Paul has been active on Twitter since the incident and now, he believes Floyd’s men might be coming after him, although something tells us this is a big exaggeration.

“Word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me if I die……. I died for the hat,” Paul wrote.Floyd Mayweather

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