Interesting facts you didn’t know about Richard Mofe Damijo.

Interesting facts you didn’t know about Richard Mofe Damijo.

For every article, we will be highlighting various surprising and sometimes unbelievable facts about your favourite celebrities. We don’t intend to scare anyone as these are just interesting and unique stuff celebs have done or plan to do.

On our maiden episode, we will be looking at Nollywood’s veteran, Richard Mofe-Damijo. Do you know that RMD’s favourite food is beans?

Well guys, find out more surprising facts about your favourite celebrity in this piece.

1. Sunday school teacher

Richard Mofe-Damijo says he would have become a lecturer in a university if he hadn't become an actor [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

One would think RMD’s interest would solely be connected to his acting career or maybe a few branches of the media industry. Well, it will surprise you to know that the actor would have become a lecturer in a university if he wasn’t a movie star. Surprisingly, RMD taught as a Sunday school teacher for over a decade…yes guys, a Sunday school teacher!

2. Favourite food is beans

At the beginning of this column, we said we will be sharing shocking details of your favourite celebrities. Some of these facts are really interesting. Your favourite actor RMD isn’t one of those celebs who has a thing for continental dishes.

Richard Mofe-Damijo attended midwestern college in Delta state [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

RMD’s favourite meal is beans. He, however, use to love beans and dodo (fried plantain) but changed the diet plan for health reasons. So if you are trying to set a lunch date at your home with the movie star, here is a scoop of what should go down in your kitchen.

3. Once a journalist

Richard Mofe Damijo studied Theatre Arts at the University of Benin [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

Okay, guys, we all know RMD has had a fair share of working as a government appointee and decades of being an amazing actor. One thing several people might not know is that he was once a journalist.

Before joining the entertainment industry, Mofe-Damijo worked with the defunct Concord Newspaper and Metro Magazine as a reporter. Yes, guys, he is the master of all!

4. Less than 100 movies in his shelf

The 58-year-old actor studied law at the University of Lagos in 1999. [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

This is the part where the typical amazed Nigerian man would say ”E shock me!” Well, the truth is RMD hasn’t starred in over 100 movies unlike his other colleagues in the industry.

According to him during a chat with Pulse, the fact that his colleagues were starring a lot of movies at the early stage of Nollywood, didn’t encourage him to join the bandwagon.

5. He spent his honeymoon in Paris

Nollywood icon, Richard Mofe-Damijo and his wife, Jumobi.. [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

Mofe Damijo remarried in 2000 to his wife, Jumobi Adegbesan, a former journalist, now a top gun in the corporate world, after the death of his first wife, May Ellen-Ezekiel.

After their beautiful wedding ceremony in Nigeria, the couple flew to Paris in France where they had spent their honeymoon.

“We did not realize there was no Television in my room for the next four days,” he told HarmonyFamily magazine in 2019.

6. A very young granddaddy

Mofe-Damijo has one of the most beautiful families in the celebrity world. Well, we know some people might not know this but the truth is the actor is a granddad. He is a grandfather to two adorable grandchildren.

From time to time, the Nollywood veteran blesses our timeline with cute photos of his grandkids.

7. Interesting bucketlist

Richard Mofe-Damijo hopes to play god in a movie role soon [Instagram/MofeDamijo]

RMD can be described as one of those actors who have played literally every role you can think of in Nollywood movies. Well, he doesn’t see it that way. The Delta state born actor believes there is still one role he hasn’t played.

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