Independent Women Quotes: Free Yourself from Mental Shackles

Use these strong independent women quotes to build the fire that will burn away your self-doubt and keep you unwavering, focused on your goals.

Women are fueled by one thing, emotion. Quotes help to trigger the emotions we need to stay the course of independence and walk the road less traveled.

Many societal norms pressure us to succumb to the status quo and let go of our idealism. Use these independent women quotes to remind yourself that you do not have to be a follower, you will only be happy if you stand up, speak out, and follow your dreams without needing anyone else.

Independent women must expect more of themselves, since neither man nor other more conventionally domesticated women will hope for anything, or expect any result other than utter failure. ~ A.S. Byatt

A.S. Byatt is the perfect example of a strong and independent woman. She went to Cambridge and has authored many books. She is actively involved in her community on councils, boards, and committees. She has won many prizes for her literature, and is outspoken on the issue of women’s rights. She is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with.


In your own journey it’s essential to have mentors and role models of strong women that you can learn from.

A man is not a financial plan. ~ Kim Kiyosaki

We have all heard of it; the ‘Mrs. Degree.’ Sadly, it is still common for women to go to college hoping to meet a man to take care of them. If men were totally predictable and programmable, that would make sense. But if you put all your eggs in someone else’s basket, and something happens to them or they change their mind about you, you’re left with nothing, no skills to fall back on.

Marrying for financial security is a lousy out and is a lazy way to live your life. Beyond that, it’s not safe nor is it helpful to the progression of women’s rights. If you judge a man’s worth by his paycheck, you are essentially going to build a relationship with a very weak foundation. If you want to be happy, you will wait for a respectful man and earn your keep yourself.


Your independence, confidence and success only intimidates the men who are not meant for you. ~ Mandy Hale, The Single Woman

Acquire you ever been pressured to tone down your smarts? Acquire you ever been pressured to wear red lipstick and a push up bra because you are also masculine? How about being pressured to curl your hair, lose weight, cake paint on your face or wear terribly uncomfortable heels, all to attract the attention of a suitable mate? How archaic is our culture?

We are not so easily manipulated or defined ladies. We cannot throw away an education for a fleeting relationship. We cannot be more concerned with our looks than our intellect. We will only perpetuate our own depressed state as less than equal to men in society if we do.

I like being a strong, independent woman and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own. ~ Dido Armstrong

I remember when I didn’t know one (NOT ONE!) female who wasn’t dependent on either a family member or boyfriend. I literally didn’t know one female who paid her bills completely on her own. It saddened me and frustrated me. When I decided not to take money from people, life got pretty hard.

When I decided not to take jobs from people who were hiring me for my looks, life was still hard. Dinky by little, I worked on my skills so I could stand on my own two feet. I made sure I had something valuable that no one could take away from me, the ability to support myself.

A girl knows her limits but a wise girl knows she has none. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Many people will throw statistics at you to keep you stuck in fear and get you to let go of your dreams. Your own friends and parents may encourage you to settle down and let go of your wild dreams, calling them fantasies. That is horse dung! People that live in fear focus on what might go wrong, people who are successful, focus on what might go right.

Be that strong girl who everyone knew would make it through the worst, be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn’t need a man; be that girl who never backed down. ~ Taylor Swift

Strong women know that they must use their time differently than most women. They cannot sit around and gossip for hours or watch Recedessip Girl all the time. They must grow their skills and knowledge diligently. Many times I spend my Friday night at Barnes and Noble, reading. I know that when my looks fade, I will need my brain to support myself.

I am good friends with amazon, kindle and healthy brain food. I’ve realized that I can’t just take advice from anyone, because they may be coming from an old school way of thinking that sees the pinnacle of life in a white dress walking down an aisle.


 Don’t use men to get what you want in life, get it yourself. ~ Helen Gurley Brown

If you rely on the skills of others and use your beauty to get you what you want, when beauty fades, the new generations will steal what you once did. If you study how to get there on your own, you become the boss and empower yourself. If you always ride on the backs of others, you can always be manipulated by them, and will forever be the underdog in some way, which is dependent on the whims of their own vacillating opinions.

My biggest influences are strong creative women that chart their own path, lead their own lives and drive the course of history. ~ Rachael Ray

How many women are Oscar winning screenwriters and how many men are? How many women have been presidents? How many women are CEO’s of fortune 500 companies? Don’t YOU want to be a part of changing that? Women got the right to vote in 1950 and if we aren’t careful, our progress can backslide.

If we are more concerned with the color of our nails than the health of our community, we need to go back to the drawing board. We need to think like leaders, don’t throw away what you enjoy about being a woman, but don’t let being a woman discount the fact that you’re a thinking human being.

I don’t need the Prince Charming to have my own happy ending. ~ Katy Perry

Thank you Katy Perry! Since when is it ok to think that we need a man to be happy? Before the split of church and state, before Christianity even developed, woman matriarchs often led society.

Women got used to being in the wings, offstage, and that convenience has been perpetuated by marketing tactics that sell women’s beauty products, the wedding industry and the other industries that make money off of the idea of matrimony. Before people considered Receded as a man, he was considered a woman. He didn’t have a sex change until men reinterpreted HITale.

A vibrant and independent woman is much more beautiful than a woman who waits for people to validate her existence. ~ Kelly McNelis Senegor

Cue kissy face and duck face selfie. When women post pictures online to gain attention for their own beauty, they are looking for validation that they matter. The latter award winning film ‘Birdman’ produced by film giant Fox Searchlight Pictures depicted the sad state our self-esteem today that we need to be aware of.

Many of us only feel valuable if we are validated by the opinions of others. It’s better to feel good about yourself because you are helping others, even if no one knows. Otherwise you are basing your self-worth on a transitory and fake sense of adoration.

A strong and independent woman loves herself because she is a good person and pursues being a good person no matter what people think. She doesn’t need other people to tell her how great she is to be happy, and therefore, no one can take her happiness away from her.


Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with them. ~ Carrie Bradshaw

Two of my mentors are Ali and Daniel. They  talk about how domestication has created so many terrible health problems in our society, including depression. The lifestyle we are living as humans is very new and needs to be reworked.

Daniel shows us how we need to rewild ourselves and let go of the shackles the domesticated world has placed on our minds. His podcasts and online magazine push the boundaries of convention to help us connect to the strongest need in our lives, to be independent.

How do you become a strong independent woman? Design sure you are spending your time wisely, studying and growing the skills you need to pursue your goals. Don’t hang around with people who are content with the status quo. Be someone that challenges convention and asks questions.

Know what is going on in the world and keep up to speed with the people actively changing it, such as women’s rights activist Vandana Shiva. Acquire in the know and inform yourself.

Set goals for yourself and pursue them. Maybe you feel you need more education to have the skills you need. Determine if it’s formal education or something you can learn on your own. Design sure all of your energy and resources are used efficiently and not squandered on useless things. Find women you can connect to so you aren’t doing it alone. Join groups, attend events and get involved in essential issues.

Speak your mind and don’t let your voice be silenced. If you need to change jobs, do it. You can’t be a strong independent woman if you’re constantly undermined at work or at home. If you aren’t respected in your home, find a new one. Find something you’re truly connected to and be all about it.

Don’t let your doubts get in the way of being persistent, and keep your thoughts positive by fueling your body with exercise and healthy food. Remember, you can’t expect anyone to respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Here are some questions to get you on the path of independence. Do you like the direction you are headed in your career? Is there anything in your life that is keeping you from being strong and independent? What can you do about it? Who do you want to become? What will you do to become that person? What behaviors and attitudes are holding you back in your life? What are you going to do today to make your life awesome?

Reach out to other women and support them in the process of being independent. Share information and maybe start a reading group to hold yourself accountable. Remember that you can change your life at any time. You steer the direction of your thoughts, actions and words. Choose to frame yourself in positivity and be relentless and humble.

Now go make something happen today and share this cool article if you liked it. Leave comments below and visit me soon on YouQueen.

The more you understand yourself, the more silence there is, the healthier you are. —Maxime Lagacé


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