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Immortal Technique Responds To Trump Twitter Ban

Underground legend Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on Donald Trump’s Twitter ban, expressing concerns over the power of “big tech.”

When it comes to the underground landscape, Immortal Technique’s name carries plenty of weight — even some in the mainstream eye have become familiar with him, in large part due to the haunting storytelling of his classic “Dance With The Devil.” Those who do actively follow Technique are well aware of his vocal nature, using his platform to share his thoughts on many ongoing sociopolitical issues — unsurprising, given the lyrical content within his music. 

Now, in the wake of the storming of the Capitol Building and Trump’s subsequent Twitter ban, Immortal Technique has taken to his own page to share his take on the matter. “Here’s what some people aren’t seeing,” begins the rapper. “Trump is off social media for inciting violence. So for 4 years these big tech guys loved him cuz he was good for business. Now they act? lol Also how long before they decide that I’M inciting violence. There is a long game to consider here.” Clearly, he isn’t quite willing to celebrate what he believes to be hypocrisy, elaborating further on his stance in the comments.

He also took a moment to react to the now-viral video of the weeping Capitol rioter who recently found himself on the no-fly zone. “He was so tough the other day,” writes Technique, sharing the clip on his timeline. “Now it’s like he’s facing the consequences of his actions for the first time. Smh He’s not gonna make it in jail.”

Clearly, Immortal Technique is far from impressed with what transpired at the Capitol building, though he isn’t entirely thrilled about Trump’s ban from Twitter — if only due to the seemingly uncheckable powers of “big tech,” the likes of which have rendered the Parler website obsolete overnight. Check out some of his thoughts below, and sound off if you feel like the underground legend is speaking facts on this matter. 


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