If You Are A Girl, You Are Very Lucky If You Have Any Of These Three Things

If you are a girl, I must say you are really lucky if you have any of these natural gifts; because you will continue to put men’s heart in trouble.

Putting men’s heart in trouble means that men especially men like I will always want to be with you, to be your love even when you are not interested.

To me, I always see such girls that have these features especially number 3 to be too romantic, and I love them.🥰

So What Are These Three Things?

These three things that may make you lucky as a girl if you have them are what most men see as a good sign of beauty and love.

They are:

1. Gap Teeth

Gap teeth also known as Diastema is a space or gap between two teeth which is common in children and can exist in adult teeth as well.

Diastema is primarily caused by imbalance in the relationship between the jaw and the size of teeth.

If the labial frenulum (lip tissue) pulls, it can also push the teeth apart and cause a diastema between the center of the two front teeth.

It happens when there is an unequal relationship between the size of the teeth and the jaw.

In the earlier period, gap teeth especially in women, was associated with lustful characteristics though there is no scientific basis.

In Ghana, Namibia and Nigeria, gap teeth is regarded as being attractive and a sign of fertility, and some people have even had them created through cosmetic dentistry, inorder to look more attractive.

Though not every style of gap teeth look attractive, but almost every girl that has gap teeth always look attractive before men.🙄

So if you have gap teeth as a girl, just be happy, I’m now telling you that you are beautiful.🥰

2. Step-by-Step

Step-by-step is a kind of fleshy skin structure that exists around the neck region.

Though I may have forgotten the most common name used to describe this feature, but the I know it as step-by-step…the picture in this article can describe that for you.

Maybe you can tell us if you know the best name for it.

Many people still see step-by-step as a good sign of beauty especially in girls, but to me…it doesn’t give me any sense of beauty, 🤦 you know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

3. Dimple

This is really my favourite!🥰

A dimple also known as Gelasin is a small natural indentation or depression in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek, which may exist permanently or forms in the cheeks when one smiles.

Cheek dimples are mostly common among young people especially girls, and are seen as an attractive quality in a person’s face, accentuating smiles and making the smile look more cheerful and memorable.

Numerous cultures (especially the Chinese) believe that cheek dimples are a good luck charm that entices people who think they are physically attractive.

Some other people believe dimples are also associated with heroism and innocence, which has been included in literature for many centuries.

Different cultures and beliefs may have different perceptions about dimples, but the interest of this post is seeing cheek dimples as a sign of beauty.

In case you don’t know yet, I would love to tell you to be glad as a girl if have cheek dimples.

This is because it makes you look more beautiful, attractive, and charming than you are, which haters may never like to tell you.

But the truth remains that almost everybody including I that is communicating with you now love girls with cheek dimple especially when they smile.

Different beliefs may have different perceptions as regard to the main cause of dimples, but I believe dimples are more of Anatomical causes… mostly cause due to the shape of the skull.


Everyone is physically beautiful in a particular form. For one to be beautiful, there must be a particular feature where the beauty is embedded.

A girl may be beautiful because of her eyes, toes, legs, backside, chest, and so many others.

That is why you keep hearing men tell girls.. “I love your finger, I love your mouth, I love your eyes, and so on”. It means beauty can be embedded anywhere.

I know you must have heard people say that No Woman Is Ugly; well I still doubt it because I have really seen very ugly girls/women; but the saying maybe true because everyone especially the girls have at least a particular feature that makes them beautiful.

You know also that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A girl which I see to be very ugly maybe another man’s angel…his most beautiful woman on Earth.

DimplesGap teeth and Step-by-step are not only the features that portray beauty in girls; a girl can still be very beautiful without having any of those three things mentioned…. even more beautiful than girls that have them.

In the same way, having any or all of those things mentioned doesn’t make any girl a wife material, so men be guided while being moved by what you see.

So to my girlfriends here, I want you all to relax if you don’t have any of them. The main point of this post is that those three things mentioned always make any girl that have them, very attractive.

But that never meant that girls without them are not beautiful or attractive…No!

It’s true that I love seeing those features in girls especially the Dimples, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love you as a girl if you don’t have them.

So as a girl reading this post, whether you have them or not, I want us to be friends 😅… How can we connect?🥰

So looking at the pictures above, tell us the number you love most, as for me, I love girls with number 3🥰

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