If The Name Of Your Tribe Is Not In This List, Then You May Not Be A Citizen Of Nigeria

Nigeria is indeed a blessed country with a rich cultural heritage. It is worthy of note that Nigeria is one of the countries in the world with highest number of tribes, languages and rich cultural structures. Aside Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba, which happened to be three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, Nigeria boast of over 500 languages and 371 tribes.

It is therefore imperative to say that a country with so much number of tribes and languages coexisting and enjoying the relative Peace we are currently enjoying, can only be by the grace and mercies of the one who made and sustains all by the power of His might( The great Mornarch of Zion). Even though the country is completely free of hitches here and there, the fact still cremains: Nigeria is still one for now.

Come with me as I show you the list of all the tribes in Nigeria with the corresponding states they can be found. Please note that if your tribe is not found here, you may likely not be a Nigerian. The earlier you start searching for your country the better.

Here we go:

Angas: The Angas people are Found in, Plateau, Bauchi and Jigawa states.

Yoruba:The yorubas are domicile in Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi State etc

lgbo: The Igbos are found are native to Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi,Enugu, Imo, Rivers State etc

Hausa: The Hausas are found in Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna,Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Niger,Taraba, Sokoto, Zamfara States etc

Gwari or Gbagyi: Kaduna Abuja and Niger states

Abayon: Cross River state.

Achipa or Achipawa:Kebbi

Abua or Oduual : Rivers

Adim:Cross River

Adun: Cross River

Affade: This tribe are found in Yobe state

Afizere: Found in plateau state.

Afo: same plateau state.

Agbo: Cross River state.

Akaju- Ndem or Akajuk: Cross Rivers.

Akweye- Yachi: Benue State.

Alago or Arago: plateau state.

Amo: plateau state.

Anaguta: plateau.

Anang: Akwa Ibom State.

Andoni: Akwa Ibom, and Rivers

Ankwei: Plateau State.

Anyima: Cross River.

Attakar or Ataka : Kaduna State.

Auyoka or Auyokawa: Jigawa state.

Awori: Ogun and Lagos States.

Ayu: Kaduna state.

Babur; Adamawa, Borno, Yobe and Taraba states.

Bachama : Adamawa

Nachere; Plateau States.

Bada: plateau state

Bade: Yobe State

Bahumono:Cross Riverstate

Bakulung :Taraba state

Bali Taraba state

Bambora or Bambarawa: Bauchi state

Bambuko -Taraba state

Banda Bandawa: Taraba state

Banka or Bankalawa: Bauchi state

Banso or Panso:damawa state

Bara or Barawa: Bauchi state

Barke: Bauchi state

Baruba or Barba:Niger state

Bashiri or Bashirawa:Plateau state

Bassa: Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateaustate

Batta :Adamawa state

Baushi :Niger state

Baya :Adamawastate

Bekwarra :Cross River state

Bele or Buli or Belewa: Bauchi state

Betso or Bete:Taraba state

Bette: Cross River state

Bilei :Adamawa state

Epie :Rivers state

Esan or Ishan: Edo state

Etche:Rivers state

Etolu or Etilo: Benue state

Etsako:Edo state

Etung: cross River state

Etuno: Edo states

Palli: Adamawa states

Fulani: Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa , Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi , Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, states

Bille :Adamawa state

Bina or Binawa :kaduna state

Bini :Edo state

Birom :Plateau state

Bobua :Taraba state

Buduma:Borno, Niger state

Buji :Plateau state

Buli :Bauchi state

Bunu:Kogi state

Bura :Adamawa state

Burak: Bauchi state

Burma or Burmawa: plateau

Buru : Yobe state

Buta or Butawa: Bauchi state

Bwall: Plateau state

Bwatiye: Adamawa states

Bwazza: Adamawa state

Challa : Plateau state

Chama or chamawa Fitilai: Bauchi

Chamba -Taraba state

Chamo: Bauchi

Chibok or Chibbak: yobe state

Chinine: Borno state

Chip:Plateau state

Chokobo: Plateau state

Chukkol: Taraba state

Daba: Adamawa state

Dadiya: Bauchi state

Daka: Adamawa

Dakarkari: Niger, Kebbi state

Danda or Dandawa: Kebbi

Dangsa: Taraba

Daza Der or Derewa: Bauchi

Degema: Rivers state

Deno or Denawa:Bauchi state

Dghwede: Borno state

Diba: Taraba state

Doemak (Dumuk) -Plateau state

Ouguri:Bauchi state

Duka or Dukawa: Kebbi state

Duma or Dumawa: Bauchi state

Ebana or Ebani: Rivers state

Ebirra or lgbirra: Edo, Kogi, Ondo states

Boki or Nki: Cross Riverstate

Bokkos :Plateau state

Boko or Bussawa or Bargawa :Nigerstate

Bole or Bolewa: Bauchi, Yobe state

Botlere:Adamawa state

Egun or Gu: Lagos and Ogun states

Ejagham: Cross River River

Ekajuk: Cross River state

Eket: Akwa Ibom states

Ekoi: Cross River state

Engenni or Ngene: Rivers state

Fyam or Fyem: Plateau state

Fyer or Fer: Plateau state

Ga’anda:Adamawa state

Gade :Niger state

Galambi: Bauchi state

Gamergu- mulgwa: Borno state

Qanawuri: Plateau state

Gavako: Borno state

Gbedde: Kogi state

Boma or Bomawa or Burmano -Bauchi Bomboro: Bauchi state

Ebu:Edo, Kogi

Efik:Cross River


Egede or lgedde: Benue state

Eggon: Plateau state

Gengle:Taraba state

Geji: Bauchi state

Gera or Gere or Gerawa:Bauchi

Geruma or Gerumawa:Plateau state

Geruma or Gerumawa: Bauchi state

Gingwak: Bauchi state

Gira: Adamawa state

Gombi: Adamawa state

Gornun or Gmun: Taraba state

Gonia: Taraba state

Gubi or Gubawa: Bauchi state

Gude: Adamawa state

Gudu: Adamawa state

Gizigz: Adamawa state

Goernai:Plateau state

Gokana or Kana:Rivers state

Gure: Kaduna state

Gurmana -Niger states

Gururntum: Bauchi state

Gusu: Plateau state

Gwa or Gurawa: Adamawa state

Gwamba: Adamawa state

Gwandara: Kaduna, Niger, Plateau States

Gwom: Taraba state

Gwoza or Waha: Borno states

Gyem: Bauchi State

Higi or Hig: Borno and Adamawa states

Holma: Adamawa

Hona: Adamawa State

Ibeno: Akwa lbom State

Ibibio:Akwa lbom State

Ichen: Adamawa State

ljumu:Kogi State

Ikorn :Cross River State

:Irigwe :Plateau State

Isoko :Delta State

lsekiri or Itsekiri:Delta state

lyala or lyalla :Cross River State

Idoma : Benue, Taraba State

Igalla:Kogi State

Izondjo :Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers State

Jaba :Kaduna State

Jahuna or Jahunawa: Taraba State

Jaku: Bauchi State

Jara or Jaar Jarawa or Jarawa-Dutse :Bauchi

Jere or Jare or Jera or Jera or Jerawa:Bauchi, Plateau State

Jero:Taraba State

Jibu :Adamawa State

Jidda-Abu :Plateau State

Kanikon :Kaduna State

Kantana :Plateau State

Kanuri :Kaduna, Adamawa, Borno, Kano,Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe State

Karekare or Karaikarai :Bauchi, Yobe State

Karimjo :TarabaState

Kariya:Bauchi State

Katab or Kataf:Kaduna State

Kenern or Koenoem:Plateau State

Kenton :Taraba State

Kiballo or Kiwollo: Kaduna State

Kilba :Adamawa State

Kirfi or Kirfawa: Bauchi State

Koma :Taraba State

Kona:Taraba State

Jimbin or Jimbinawa: Bauchi State

Jirai :Adamawa State

Jonjo Jenjo:Taraba State

Jukun :Bauchi, Benue,Taraba, Plateau State

Kaba or Kabawa : Taraba State

Kadara or Kafanchan:Kaduna State

Kagoro :Kaduna State

Kaje or Kache:Kaduna State

Kajuru or Kajurawa:Kaduna State

Kaka :Adamawa State

Kamaku or Karnukawa: Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger State

Kambari :Kebbi, Niger State

Kambu :Adamawa State

Kamo :Bauchi State

Kanakuru or Dera:Adamawa, Borno State

Kanembu :Borno State

Koro or Akwaro: Kaduna, NigerState

Kubi or Kubawa:Bauchi State

Kudachano or Kudawa: Bauchi State

Kugama : Taraba State

Kulere or Kaler: Plateau State

Kunini :Taraba State

Kurama :Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau State

Kurdul :Adamawa State

Kushi :Bauchi State

Kuteb :Taraba State

Kutin:Taraba State

Kwalla :Plateau State

Kwami or Kwom: Bauchi State

Kwanchi :Taraba State

Kwanka or Kwankwa:Bauchi, Plateau State

Kwaro :Plateau State

Kwato :Plateau State

Kyenga or Kengawa:Sokoto State

Laaru or Larawa: Niger State

Lakka : Adamawa State

Lala: Adamawa State

Lama :Taraba State

Lamja :Taraba State

Lau :Taraba State

Ubbo :Adamawa State

Limono :Bauchi and Plateau State

Lopa or Lupa or Lopawa: Niger State

Longuda or Lunguda: Adamawa, Bauchi state

Mabo :Plateau State

Mada :Kaduna, Plateau State

Mama :Plateau State

Manga or Mangawa: Yobe State

Margi or Marghi:Adamawa, Borno State

Matakarn :Adamawa State

Mbembe :Cross River, Enugu State

Mbol :Adamawa State

Mbube :Cross River State

Mbula :Adamawa State

Mbum :Taraba State

Memyang or Meryan:Plateau State

Miango :Plateau State

Miligili or Migili:Plateau State

Miya or Miyawa:Bauchi State

Mobber :Borno State

Montol :Plateau State

Moruwa or Moro’a, Morwa:Kaduna State

Muchaila :Adamawa State

Mumuye :Taraba State

Mundang :Adamawa State

Munga or Mupang:Plateau State

Mushere :Plateau State

Mwahavul or Mwaghavul: Plateau State

Ndoro :Taraba State

Ngamo :Bauchi, Yobe State

Ngizim :Yobe State

Ngweshe or Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang: Adamawa, Borno State

Ningi or Ningawa: Bauchi State

Ninzam ir Ninzo: Kaduna, Plateau State

Mambilla :Adamawa State

Manchok :Kaduna State

Mandara or Wandala: Borno State

Njayi :Adamawa State

Nkim :Cross River State

Nkum :Cross River State

Nokere or Nakere: Plateau State

Nunku :Kaduna and Plateau State

Nupe :Niger, kwara State

Nyandang : Taraba State

Ododop: Cross River State

Ogori :Kwara State

Okobo or Okkobor: Akwa lbom State

Okpamheri :Edo State

Olulumo :Cross River State

Oron :Akwa lbom State

Owan :Edo State

Owe :Kwara State

Oworo :Kwara State

Pa’a or Pa’awa Afawa:Bauchi State

Pai :Plateau State

Panyam :Taraba State

Pero :Bauchi State

Pire: Adamawa State

Pkanzom :Taraba State

Poll :Taraba State

Polchi Habe :Bauchi State

Pongo or Pongu :Niger State

Potopo :Taraba State

Pyapun or Piapung: Plateau State

Qua :Cross River State

Rebina or Rebinawa:Bauchi State

Reshe :Kebbi, Niger State

Rindire or Rendre: Plateau State

Rishuwa:Kaduna State

Ron :Plateau State

Rubu :Niger State

Rukuba :Plateau State

Rumada:Kaduna State

Rumaya:Kaduna State

Sakbe:Taraba State

Sanga :Bauchi and Taraba state

Saya or Sayawa Za’ar: Bauchi State

Segidi or Sigidawa: Bauchi State

Shanga or Shangawa: SokotoState

Shangawa or Shangau:Plateau State

Shan-Shan :Plateau State

Shira or Shirawa: Kano State

Shomo :Taraba State

Shuwa :Adamawa, Borno State

Sikdi :Plateau State

Sura :Plateau State

Yergan or Yergum:Plateau State

Siri or Sirawa:Bauchi State

Srubu or Surubu:Kaduna State

Sukur :Adamawa State

Wagga: Adamawa State

Waja: Bauchi State

Waka: Taraba State

Warja or Warja: Jigawa State

Ufia : Benue State

Ukelle : Cross River State

Ukwani or Kwale: Delta State

Uncinda :Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto State

Uneme or Ineme: EdoState

Ura or Ula:Niger State

Urhobo:Delta State

Utonkong :Benue State

Uyanga :Cross River State

Vemgo: Adamawa State

Verre: Adamawa State

Vommi: Taraba State

Warji: Bauchi State

Wula: Adamawa State

Wurbo: Adamawa State

Wurkun: Taraba State

Yache:Cross River State

Yagba:Kwara State

Yakurr or Yako: Cross River State

Yalla:Benue State

Yandang:Taraba State

Yott:Taraba State

Yumu:Niger State

Yungur:Adamawa State

Yuom: Plateau State

Zul or Zulawa: Bauchi State

Tangale :Bauchi State

Tarok :Plateau, Taraba State

Teme :Adamawa State

Tera or Terawa: Bauchi, Borno State

Zabara: Niger State

Zayam or Zeam: Bauchi State

Teshena or Teshenawa :Kano State

Tigon :Adamawa State

Zaranda: Bauchi State

Zarma orvZarmawa: Kebbi State

Tikar :Taraba State

Tiv :Benue, Plateau, Taraba and Nasarawa State

Tula :Bauchi State

Tur: Adamaw la State

If your tribe is not captured here, then you are likely not to be a Nigerian.. But If your tribe is represented here, and you are proud of your tribe, and you are sure you can speak and write it, kindly type the correct spelling of “good morning” in your dialect and the name of the tribe, let’s confirm how well you understand your language.

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