I went to look up a car collector, and instead, learned he was a tax cheat, and New York nailed him for a quarter million dollars in repayment and fines

Monkees fans were treated to a very rare appearance by the iconic Pontiac GTO Monkeemobile, provided by Hollywood car collector John Sbrigato of Brooklyn, posing at bottom left between his son and the author.

John Sbrigato, the owner of Brighton Collision, and he has a car collection that includes the Munster Coach and Monkee Mobile GTO, and he’s made one or two Batmobiles, admitted to underreporting $1.6 million dollars in taxable sales between December 2010 and February 2015, prosecutors said.

Sbrigato, who lives in New Jersey, pleaded guilty in Kings County Supreme Court and was ordered to pay $176,000 for the sales tax he stole along with $83,000 in interest and penalties to the Department of Taxation and Finance. He is expected to be placed on felony probation for three years when he is sentenced in September, according to the attorney general’s press release.

He’s not the only one that was busted among collision shops in New York, it seems the state Attorney General was tipped off to several not paying the right amount of taxes, https://collisionweek.com/tag/sales-tax/

The Munster Koach was brought to the 2016 labor day Dead Man’s Curve annual hot rod party in Mahwah New Jersey, held at the Sheraton. It was begun by the owner of Radir wheels for the Dead Man’s Curve Car Club.


 Is it New Jersey?

it looks like I have more articles on crooks in New Jersey than any other thing about New Jersey


if the name Sbrigato sounds familiar, it might be from reading about Joe Sbrigato who won the 1964 New York Hot Rod and Custom Show and got his hot rod into the Beach Boys on stage concert at the Ed Sullivan tv show. 

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