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I Mixed Kerosene With Water And Sprinkled It Around My House – See What Happened After That!!

I Mixed Kerosene With Water And Sprinkled It Around My House – See What Happened After That!!

In every houses in Nigeria, 99% must have heard of kerosene. During this modernized period, people lost interest in buying kerosenes and go for gas cylinders. Many homes in Nigeria don’t even know the meaning of “Kerosene” again, there is truly nothing modernization cannot do. Maybe people stopped using kerosene, after they lost interest in stoves.

Kerosene is a type of petroleum with thin and colourless fuel. It is referred to as coal oil in some places. It should be noted that kerosene isn’t just to be used for stoves, you can also use it to stop these five things just by adding it to water, and then sprinkle it around your house. See what happened after i did the same thing:

1:Killing Of Weeds;

The unwanted plants growing in my house is capable enough to make you sad. Whenever i cut those plants, it doesn’t take up to five days for them to regrow. Hand weeding often didn’t work also, because whenever i uprooted the weed, some parts of the roots will get stuck to the soil. I then learnt that mixing kerosene with water, and spraying it on weeds kill it. I tried it, and it worked like the normal weed chemicals.

2:Prevention Of Snakes From My Vicinity:

Snakes are poisonous reptiles, they are venomous and deadly. You won’t like it if one bites you. You should know that sprinkling kerosene around your house prevents snake, and kills it also. When you spray kerosene around your house, and a snake ingests it. It would surely die, trust me. I have tried it, and it worked.


3:Kills And Prevents Wall Gecko:

Kerosene is hazardous to the health of wall geckos and even spiders. If you sprinkle it around you house, there won’t be any geckos in your house. I wasn’t finding it easier with the influx of wall geckos in my house, but when i sprinkled the mixed kerosene around my compound. My testimony came.

4:It Kills Ants In Seconds:

Have you been wondering how you can kill those ants that are entering your house everyday. It is easy, just mix your kerosene with water, and sprinkle it around your house. No ants will want to enter your house. In fact, it is like the purpose of kerosene is to kill ants which it does wonderfully.

5:Prevention Of Rashes:

This isn’t achieved by sprinkling it around the house. If you have skin rashes, try to add kerosene on it. It really works like magic. But keep it away from your face

These are the four essential benefits of kerosene, it also showed how it really helped me. Thanks to kerosene for not making me to spend money on expensive chemicals.

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