“I Don’t Want To See You Around Me Anymore” -Queen

"I Don't Want To See You Around Me Anymore" -Queen“I Don’t Want To See You Around Me Anymore” -Queen

BBN Housemate, Queen, had a disagreement with her love interest, White Money, earlier this morning.

It wasn’t a serious issue but Queen nearly complicated the situation.

It’s believed that Queen is a temperamental individual and she didn’t fail to prove that once again during her disagreement with White Money.

What really caused the disagreement between Queen and White Money

It is hard to believe that White Money and Queen had a disagreement.

Both Housemates have been in a really good relationship in the last few weeks.

However, things nearly took a different turn between them earlier this morning.

White Money, Queen, Liquorose, Emmanuel, and Angel were spotted in the changing room discussing about the situation of things in the House.

During their discussion, Liquorose asked White Money about his romantic situation in the House.

In response to Liquorose’s question, White Money made it clear that he has option A and B.

The problem was that when he said “Option B”, he took a glance at Queen.

Queen considered this to be very offensive as she felt embarrassed. She told White Money to apologise for his silly statement if he doesn’t want her to end their friendship.

Queen said: “Why would you look at me when you said “Option B?”.

You know this is exactly what someone said to me. Why do you have to repeat that? Tell me sorry now White Money”.

White Money failed to apologise as he made it clear that he was just joking with her. He said: “If you want me to apologise for something else, I would. But for this, I would never”.

White Money tried to calm Queen down by telling her it was just a joke.

However, she clearly doesn’t appreciate White Money’s statement as she continues to ask for an apology.

When she realised White Money isn’t willing to apologise, she said: “Just go away. I don’t want to see you around me anymore”.

Surprisingly, she laughed immediately after making this statement to White Money.

Queen is always trying to put up drama with fellow Housemates and she needs to be very careful about this.

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