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I am 21 Years Old, But People Think I Am Above 30 – Lady Says

I am 21 Years Old, But People Think I Am Above 30 – Lady Says

Age is only a number and it doesn’t decide how shrewd, insightful or what you look like. A few group may be youthful yet will in any case look exceptionally old while, a few group who are old will in any case look extremely youthful.

In any case, the last is the situation of a woman distinguished as Vivian Ify Chuks who have gone ahead Facebook to guarantee that she is only 21 years of age yet individuals think she is over 30. She asserts that she would get 22 this year and that individuals should quit tending to her as though she is old.

See her post below;

“I still wonder why people see me and just assume I am above 30, please I am just 21 years old, but you people assume I am above 30. I will be 22 this year.”

I think the vast majority think she is over 30 in view of her shape and breathtaking body. The vast majority may think she is well above 21 since she looks more developed than a 21 years of age lady.

Her post so started a few responses online as a many individuals took to their Facebook to remark on her post.

See reactions below;

See more of her photos below;

Do you think she look above 21? Leave comments in comment section below.

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