How to Tell if Your Partner is Infected With HIV But is Hiding it From You

How to Tell if Your Partner is Infected With HIV But is Hiding it From You

In the present world, many people are infected but one wouldn’t know. Yes, they take good care of themselves and respect the doctors’ prescription hence making them look even healthier than the non-infected people. This has led to people with malicious characters going around and knowingly infecting other people who later on might not be able to trace the source of their infection.

It is very difficult to tell the patterns of people who have HIV infections and are knowingly hiding it from their partners or the people close to them. However, here are a few behaviors that might give you hints of your partner knowingly living with HIV:

First of all, you need to know that HIV-positive individuals have a specific time, mostly twice a day when they take their medication.

With this in mind, you can easily get to notice a common trend of excusing yourself every day at a specific time.

Secondly, you might notice develop the appearance of some reddish rashes, referred to as HIV rash on certain parts of their skin.

However, not all rashes necessarily mean that the person is infected with HIV.

Lastly, you can come across the HIV drugs as you run your day-to-day activities in the house. Most people tend to keep them very far away or in places where they are the only ones who can reach them. Having hints of what the drugs look like might help you identify them easily.

However, please note that the sure way of telling if your partner is HIV positive is by going for an HIV test. The above tips are only meant to give you hints and might at times lead to wrong observations.

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