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How I Dated And Slept With A Ghost – Man Narrates His Story

How I Dated And Slept With A Ghost – Man Narrates His Story

The sound of my Landlord’s generator woke me up that Tuesday morning, very old and rickety noisy thing. I was forced to get out of bed all the time wondering why the man was so stingy to get a new one even after collecting huge sums from us as house rent. He was a very stingy man. Headed straight to the bathroom to empty my bowels, I came back and immediately took my phone to attack my Facebook notifications. Sports updates as usual, friend’s birthdays and a few other notifications that were not out of the ordinary. Everything would have been normal as it used to except for a very unusual new friend request I had gotten.

Ordinarily, I would not have been surprised if it had come from an ugly or say averagely beautiful girl, but alas; that was not the case. It was from an extremely beautiful lady who could easily pass for a goddess. I had initially thought it was some hacker’s account but a quick stroll through her wall disregarded that thought. She was as real as air. With close to 5,000 friends and uncountable photos, I was convinced she was the real owner of the account. I wasted no time in accepting her request.

I was yet to fully absorb the shock of such a beauty Queen sending a request (usually, it was the other way round) when she chatted me up. I replied. Before you could say Jack, we were chatting like wild. Everything was happening with the speed of thunder. She worked with one of the banks in porthacourt and I lived in Abuja. Before that very day was over, we not only knew everything about each other, we had fallen in love.

Over the course of a month, Daily chats,calls,sms became the new normal for us. Before you knew it, we were already talking intimately, exchanging sweet romantic messages and even sending erotic photos of ourselves. By the beginning of the next month , I was so madly in love with her that I asked her to be my girlfriend, she obliged. My joy knew no bounds. We started making plans on how she would come to visit me in Abuja. We agreed that by the month end, she would take a one week leave and come visiting. I have had enough of chats and calls, I was burning not just to see her alone but to devour all that I have seen on her wall.she was too endowed. I already had a mental picture of all that I was going to do to her in my head, and when I told her, she laughed it off.

The D day arrived and my Goddess arrived abuja. The pictures on her wall kind of told a lie because she wasn’t only extra beautiful, she was more heavily endowed than the pictures projected. I could not wait. I made her refresh,treated her to well prepared delicacies. That night, I had the best time of my life. She let me have her all i wanted. In fact I left no stone unturned. She could not hide her excitement and satisfaction. The fun continued for the next two days, sometimes we could go many times a day, we just couldn’t have enough of each seemed like our bodies were literally glued to ourselves. It was that good . Everything was going normal and blissful, I made sure she never lacked anything and in return, she ‘d let me have her all I wanted. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the 3rd night .


We had Finished our usual nightly dose of fun when I excused her to go shower. On my return, the room was empty. I called for her no response, searched the house still no sight of her. I then thought maybe she had gone to get some fruits by the roadside or something, so I relaxed ,changed into my pyjamas and lay down. Some 30 minutes later and there still was no sign of her. I became really worried. Her luggage and slippers were still in the room, where could she have gone? I was really becoming anxious. I hope nothing had happened to her. I tried calling her number, switched off. I tried again, this time it rang but no one picked. This happened again but on the third ring, she picked up. Worried to death, I asked where she was and in an eerie and cold voice, she told me that she has gone home..

Home ke? Which home? How, when, why?? I asked all these questions same time but she hung up on me. Tried calling her again but she didn’t pick. I became really scared. A cold chilly breeze was now blowing in through the window, what was happening? I became more scared. I was about rushing down to alert my neighbour when her call came in. I picked. In the same chilly voice which was very different from the warm voice I used to know, She thanked me for being a very good and loving guy and for taking care of her and also wished she could have stayed. But that she couldn’t stay because she was not from here nor belonged here. She said she wanted to know for the last time what it felt to be loved. Going further, she instructed me to open her luggage and see the present she got for me. By now, I was becoming really weak with fear.with that,she hung. I managed to drag myself to where her bag was and poured the contents.

How I managed to remain standing after what I saw still remains a mystery to me. There they were, piles of photos. Her photos. Death photos. Photos from an accident scene where she was crushed to death. Not just her alone but with some guy who I later found out was to be her fiancé. They were coming home for their traditional wedding and met their untimely death in a ghastly motor accident. The pictures showed all parts of her body meshed like cooked potato except her pretty face. The last thing I remembered was screaming so loudly and passed out. Next I woke up in the hospital, my landlord had heard my shout and rushed into my room only to meet an unconscious me. He immediately rushed me to the hospital and alerted my elder brother living in the next town.

They wanted to know what happened, I told them. They were extremely shocked. What was more shocking was when my landlord said he never saw any bag or photos or anything that belonged to her when he entered my room.My head pounded the more, I had wanted to catch some sleep and turned the other way to face the window , and there she was. Just like in the accident scene. Her body shattered with blood all over her. She looked just as beautiful.when our eyes met, she smiles, waved at me and disappeared. I let out a loud scream and passed out a second time.

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